January 20, 2021

See!? We Read the Comments

In the previous post about the Washington Post story about..."multiracial whiteness" Pete comments...

I don't see a contradiction, honestly. "Whiteness" is basically a compact term for "everything good, which liberals want to stamp out". It acquired its term because good things are historically associated with whites, in particular WASPs.

...and indeed the left does use the term that way. 

However, I think it acquired this meaning because the left is racist in a weird Rousseauean* sort of way.  First off, they buy Rousseau's silly notion of primitive savages being superior to the civilized, which is both destructive and patronizing. Second, by conflating "white" with the benefits of western civilization they are saying that other peoples don't have the mental ability to deal with this complex wonder. In essence they are espousing white supremacy. 

This claim is easily falsifiable by simply invoking the names of accomplished Americans of Non-Caucasian extraction, Fredrick Douglass, G.W. Carver, Cochise, Sequoyah, Dr. King, Katherine Johnson, C.J. Walker and we'll stop there to keep the list from going on forever. 

For a comparison between the West and the rest that's corrected for differences in culture, background, and opportunity one can look to the difference between Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe. Mandela was influenced by western ideals and was able to liberate his people and keep in check the worst primitive impulses for vengeance (until he died) whereas Mugabe turned his nation into an abattoir. He did this evil deed by simply behaving as all people usually did up till the enlightenment.  Sadly Mandela's influence on the culture was not as long lasting as one might have hoped. 

Nevertheless the above examples disprove the implication of the left's conflation of Western and "White" as the basically patronizing racism that it is. The weird thing is that many progressives don't see it this way because they despise much of western civilization's core concepts. Why this is is unclear. It's easy to assume that they are malevolent or simply throwback, troglodytic minds in rich, privileged bodies, but their malevolent politics aside, these are generally well educated people who think they are doing good. Trying to figure out lefty motivations is tiring and can lead to the dangerous shortcuts in the beginning of the last sentence....but by happy coincidence Sara Hoyt has, this very evening, posted thoughts on this very matter

* That's totally a word

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1 Badly educated, but well-brainwashed.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Wed Jan 20 15:45:05 2021 (sF8WE)

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