October 24, 2014

Remarkably Watchable Badass Yarn

They can vastly improve a show, particularly a superhero show. 
Season two of RWBY has taken that lesson to heart and run with it.  The villains are genuinely frightening, with style, amazing choreography and snappy one liners... 

"Pick any two." 

Yeah...This show is not high art, but it is definitely a keeper. 

First season was amusing, but occasionally painful to watch. However, the people making this have really honed their craft. 
RWBY has been pretty good all season, but now, just over two thirds of the way into this season this show has really hit its stride. 

My only complaint is that NEXT WEEK IS A WHOLE WEEK AWAY!

"We can wait!" 

Which, when one thinks about it, is not a damning complaint at all. 

For those who want an overview of the currently active plot thread, click here: 


I do have a few questions for those who watch the show. 

There are, I believe, still 5 episodes to go. 

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1 Also, just who is that bad-ass looking

I agree that it is better than last season, and eagerly await the next episode!

Posted by: Siergen at Fri Oct 24 17:50:49 2014 (r3+4f)

I didn't think last season was all that bad, but it drug in places and the animation was wildly uneven. This season has been consistently decent, though some of the backstory digressions were understandably off-putting to some people. This last couple of episodes have been really good. The fights in this one carried a genuine sense of danger. It was particularly interesting to see that
I also found it interesting that when Ruby tried to call for help, she was calling JNPR. I suspect that Jaune is actually doing a decent job despite his "issues". 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Oct 24 22:13:46 2014 (DnAJl)


Posted by: Wonderduck at Fri Oct 24 23:50:10 2014 (jGQR+)

4 I (rolls dice) disbelieve. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sat Oct 25 00:38:20 2014 (DnAJl)

5 Haven't watched the latest yet, but at a wild guess:

Posted by: Mauser at Sat Oct 25 04:22:01 2014 (TJ7ih)


Posted by: Mauser at Mon Oct 27 04:07:15 2014 (TJ7ih)

7 @Mauser, well played sir, well played...

Posted by: Siergen at Mon Oct 27 08:28:28 2014 (r3+4f)

8 Rule of Cool, invoked.

Posted by: DougO at Tue Oct 28 20:12:48 2014 (8qU9I)

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