February 25, 2012

Quick Status Report

Things are hectic but improving.
In lieu of actual content here is some useful information.


Went to doctor to get suspicious mole looked at...ended up getting lots of skin removed including a 2cm2 chunk. That was disturbing to watch. This is no real biggie, I'm of Irish ancestry, meaning I'm whiter than an albino polar bear with dandruff.
Thus this happens.
On the upside...less rickets!

I'm still trying to get caught up on the 2+weeks I missed due to the kidney cancer that wasn't. I had to drop a class...Freshman English of all things....but the other teachers are working with me to an extent. Midterm exams are next week.

I have a ton of E-mails to catch up on.

I've also been baby sitting my niece.
I was alarmed to discover that babies are like sea slugs in that they spew goop when lifted.
Babies also have this thing called a "diaper" which seems to be kind of like an oil filter but needs to be changed more often. Baby girls are not like older girls in that they react differently to some things. The other day the niece started giggling uncontrollably.  I walked over to see what was amusing her so much and discovered to my distress that she was being intensely entertained  by a little wolf spider jaywalking across her playpen. Not that I have any animosity towards wolf spiders but I evicted it.

Anyhoo...I'm busy.
Blogging will resume after my midterms ( late next week).

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1 Glad to hear that things are slightly less insane.

Also, be sure to hold the baby at a safe distance to avoid getting gooped.  Babies contain more goop than a naive calculation of their volume and mass would lead you to believe.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sun Feb 26 04:22:26 2012 (PiXy!)

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