October 29, 2008

Put Down that Palantír!!

 The odds are indeed very long. The stakes of this fight are high.....but NOTHING is certain yet...

....except that in despair lies certain defeat.
Do not give up. Victory is not out of reach!      
Tonight Øbama gave his 30 "nail in the coffin" speech. 30 minutes of prime time infomercial paid for with the fruits of  his broken word on campaign financing and the huge number of apparently fraudulent donations he has received.

The purpose of this was not so much to inform as to cow.
This and the news reports, polls and chatter of the inevitability of this outcome polls are  palantíri intended to turn us against each other or cause us to surrender to despair.

 The Øbamatons are already building the celebratory dais upon which they plan to celebrate their victory. The press and their Democratic puppeteers are preening, self congratulatory and impatiently awaiting the trivial formality of the election so that what they see as a historic aberration, namely their loss of power, can be put right.

The bitter myrmidons now at the now at the core of their movement have already started gloating and talking openly and enthusiastically about our utter destruction.

I want their spirits crushed, their backs broken.

Well 'Screw you' too.

This is, of course, the point of this whole media blitz. The Dems want those of us on the right to stay home, not vote and cede the nation to their discredited policies.

It is true that the odds for us are long. The polls are not encouraging and the deck is truly stacked.

McCain, held back by the federal fund rules that now don't apply to Øbama, is being outspent tremendously and  most of the media is actively, indeed religiously, carrying water for the Øne.

ACORN is engaged in widespread and blatant voter registration fraud, filling the voting rolls with non citizens, the deceased, and cartoon characters. The absentee ballots of our soldiers are being discarded in at least one swing state.

The public associates McCain with an intensely unpopular president and quite unjustly with the financial crisis that he (and the same unpopular president) tried in vain to stop.


Depending on who you believe, as I type this, the polls are as close as 3 percentage points. The Øbama campaign is spending their mysterious money like water because they are well and truly afraid that their coronation is NOT inevitable.

We can still win this!

Do not loose heart. Do not give up.
The stakes in this election are high.

How high?

Lets recap..


If the Democrats win all three branches of government, look forward to the return of the fairness doctrine and even internet content regulation.

....But the biggest potential danger of neutrality is that its concern for equal treatment of bits will extend to sites’ content, creating a kind of Fairness Doctrine for the Web, as FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell has warned — and as Obama adviser and law professor Cass Sunstein once called for.

Not coincidentally, hampering the alternative media with new regulations would leave the liberal mainstream press, which still enjoys full First Amendment protections, comparatively empowered.

We have seen in this election what a hurdle the majority of the media already is to anybody who does not lean left.

If they win this election and win this big, no matter how badly they screw things up, conservatives and Libertarians will find it exceedingly hard if not impossible to get their messages out. Getting elected for those not favored by the Democrats will be like trying to climb out of a deep pit on a greased rope.

This may seem to be merely a tactical concern...but it is intensely troubling for the health of a republic.

Of more immediate concern...
Look forward to whatever awful thing Biden was talking about...and whatever awful solutions that the public will disapprove of.

Look forward to an increase in hate crime legislation...look to Canada to see where that leads...

Look forward to people who speak up against Obama or his allies being harassed having government workers delve through their records to try and dig up dirt...oh wait...you don't have to look FORWARD for that.

The total federalization of health care will not be a happy time, ask the Canadians who come across the boarder to get care rationed in their own country.

The sliding scale of who gets taxed as "rich" has been noted.  The Democrats proposal to cut Military spending by 25% in a time of war is not likely to have beneficial effects on the war effort, the capabilities of our enemies nor reassure our current or potential allies.

The New New Deal that Obama is proposing is highly unlikely to have any but deleterious, if not disastrous effects upon our economy nor is the horrible proposal to remove the secret ballot from labor agreements and its attendant policy proposals.

And that is just the result of the flawed policies of well meaning Democrats. This does not get into the potential implications of his various dubious associations.

So there is plenty of motivation to vote.

Despite the obstacles, the election is close enough that it will come down to turnout.So it is IMPERATIVE not to get discouraged.

Flamborough Head
These battles were all pretty much sure things for the forces that left the field in defeat. Those turned out the way they did because the American leaders did not listen to the odds but fought hard and fought well.

And don't forget Truman in '48 either.

The polls in this race are  very close. Read this.

Six more days of white knuckles.....

Tuesday will be a very long night, but we can make a fight of it. 
If we don't listen to those who wish to dispirit us, or have already given up, we have a good shot of pulling this off.

Awesome fighting till the last breath  .gif  is from a Lineage 2 Ad and does not indicate any political endorsement by NC Soft or any affiliated female elven warriors.

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