April 25, 2019

Oh Thank Goodness!


Joe Biden is running.

Which means these images won't continue going to waste in my flash drive.

In all seriousness, Biden is a formidable opponent, being a rather more folksy creep than the President. His base is very much the same as the President's, indeed many of Trumps supporters switched parties because the Dems abandoned the middle class. They are Biden's natural constituency.

In a battle of the creeps, Biden's above referenced lack of respect for personal space is being touted by many on the right as disqualifying. This analysis, to be charitable, represents a Brobdingnagian level of stupidity. Witness the fact that so many of us held our noses and voted for Pussygrabber McPottymouth over the Evita Peron von Pantsuit in the last election. Much is being made of the notion that today's inter-sectional Dems won't put up with him, but given the choice between placating their snowflakes and gaining power over the rest of us, one can be reasonably certain that the super-delegates will be as loyal to the Democrat's activists as they were in 2016.

I also suspect that the Ivy League Brahmans that run the Democrats are looking for a way to tamp down on the intersectionalists, who were, to the party leaders, useful weapons to be aimed at political opponents and us plebeians, but being unaware of their actual purpose they have proved to be embarrassingly bad shots. If Biden gets the nomination, rest assured, inappropriate touching will no longer be a newsworthy line of inquiry.

Biden has no real support among the party activists, but he has a good shot at the nomination.
he gets that, (a big "if" to be sure) then I think he stands a very good chance of winning the general election.

So hang onto your hats.

"And order your noseplugs now! The election's only 19 months away!"

Actual victims of bad touching have been replaced with 2-D girls to avoid unnecessarily embarrassment.
All 2-D girls are from Love Live.
All 2-D girls are 18 years or older. Proof of age is on file in the pattern room of Brickmuppet labs. That is our story and we are sticking to it.


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1 I believe Republicans are mainly emphasizing Biden's lack of respect for personal space to stir troubled waters on the Left, which, after all, is the home of #MeToo.  Should Biden actually win the nomination, it will be dropped pretty quickly unless needed to counter attacks on Trump's own issues with personal space.  After all, at least Trump had the decency to stick to adult women and didn't do it on national television and/or in front of foreign dignitaries (or worse to foreign dignitaries) like Biden.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Thu Apr 25 21:27:23 2019 (jl9eJ)

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