December 27, 2020

Oh Thank Goodness

It's just a crazy mad bomber. 

Nothing to worry about.

Seriously, there was speculation on both sides of the political divide that whoever set off the massive explosion in Nashville was motivated by politics. The theories have included, but not been limited to, Trump voters, Bernie Bros, BLM, Antifa, Anti Government Militias on the Libertarian Right, Anti Government Militias on the Anarchist Left, people upset at AT&T, or a false flag operation by one of the above to frame another of the above, and all of the aforementioned scenarios were presented as a long stride down the dark path towards civil war. 

Hence, the lack of coverage here* as there was not merely a lack of knowledge, but the actual opposite of knowledge. The information beyond the facts of the blast itself actually went into in the negative as the day progressed. 


And we fully acknowledge that said lead might itself might be bullshit**,  but it appears the police have a suspect

And to everyone's relief that suspect appears to be/have been a 5-G whack job ; somebody who believes that 5-G celltowers are spreading COVID-19.

This bit of Cray-Cray is far outside the realm of politics, and more importantly, seems, while very fringe, to be bi-partisan, nay, international stupidity. 

So, on this one issue, we can all come together in a brief moment of national unity, the likes of which is normally reserved for furries. 

*Well, that and the outage.

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1 The 5G thing has become a core QAnon and Q-adjacent belief, which means it has insinuated itself in a *certain* segment of right-wing voters. It's the next line-item under believing the military is about to intervene in the "stolen" election, now that Obama and Hillary have been arrested and replaced with look-alikes, Biden wears a house-arrest tag, and the FBI has seized/will be seizing Dominion voting machines to stop/start the Great Reset led by JFK, Jr.

Posted by: Ben at Mon Dec 28 02:11:30 2020 (9Wcjc)

2 I've seen the COVID / 5G thing mentioned by whackaloons on the left too. It's a useful indicator, kind of like adjacent red and yellow stripes on a snake, it means "DANGER!". This is distinct from some wacky notions believed by Q and even some weird things disseminated on the left, which are theoretically reasonable notions carried to an extreme. 

For example: There probably is a group of powerful people involved in child trafficking. Jeffery Epstein* was selling or pimping those girls to somebody, and they were people of means....However, the notion that the kids are being held in the server room of a Pizza joint before being locked in armoires and shipped by Wayfair is, frankly, whacked. 5-G causing COVID is JUST insane, all stop the end. When one hears this theory and it's not in jest or mockery, there is no question of "Is he/she one of the crazy ones?" only "YES. RUN!" because the base premise is a hard break from reality. 
This is useful to find out early.

*Who did not kill himself.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Mon Dec 28 03:32:24 2020 (5iiQK)

3 A mad bomber what bombs at midnight was the best explanation here, given all the weird factors surrounding the event.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Dec 29 01:09:10 2020 (PiXy!)

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