October 10, 2016

My Crazy Theory May Have Just Been Debunked

Earlier, I stated that I had a Crazy Theory regarding the election, specifically that the world and economic  situation was so bad that both parties were trying to throw the election so that the other would have to deal with the mess, and thus accrue blame for the inevitable carnage.

That was always dubious as it assumed awareness on the part our political class. Now, thanks to those occasionally useful creeps at Wikileaks, it seems to have been debunked, and another theory, that has been in the back of my mind for some time, has been given credence.

Trump was a tool for Hillary's campaign all along. She wanted the press to take Trump seriously, put him up as the most viable option for Republicans, and the right took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Now with the Trump campaign burning to the ground, and GOP leaders walking away due to his recent comments, the Clinton campaign's plan to put Hillary on top is coming to fruition.

No word on when Sean Hannity will go back to his pre DNC-hack policy of decrying Assange as a criminal, or when Drudge might cover this electorally relevant story. 

As he might say...Developing.

"This just in. Stupid party is stupid. More at 11."


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1 Trump was a tool for Hillary's campaign all along.

I remember back in the 2008 campaign, when Republicans slipped into Democratic primaries (in "open" states) and voted for Obama, in an effort to derail Hillary Clinton's first presidential run and put a pushover at the top of the Dem ticket.  That backfired on the GOP Wile E. Coyote style, and I can see Hillary's little scheme coming back to bite her in the same way; this revelation might even give people incentive to vote for Trump, if only to have the perverse pleasure of bringing that about.  (The only drawback, of course, would be putting The Donald in the White House.)

Posted by: Peter the Not-so-Great at Tue Oct 11 20:16:39 2016 (jS1F0)

2 O'Keefe has just dropped a bombshell too, of an NYC election commissioner going on at a party about all the fraud.

Posted by: Mauser at Tue Oct 11 20:59:29 2016 (5Ktpu)

3 No, no, no!  Trump is a plot by the Republican Party to throw the 2016 election.  In 2020, HRC will be in the third term of a Democratic run.  Remember GHWBush in 1992?  There hasn't been a string of more than three terms of the same party in the WH since FDR/HST 1933-1953.
Plus there will be a recession between now and then.  You think the Republicans will pass a fiscal stimulus budget? 
2020 will be another Republican wave election year.
And 2020 will be another census year followed by... wait for it...  Redistricting. 2010 deja vu!
And people say that I'm crazy!

Posted by: San Fran Sam at Tue Oct 25 01:35:32 2016 (cfZBW)

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