January 31, 2021

Meanwhile: In the world of English V-Tubers (Updated)

V-Shojo had their latest V-Tuber debut. V-Shojo, if you are not aware, consists of several English Language Twitch streamers with large followings by the standards of V-Tubers not from Hololive. Unlike Hololive, the streamers have creative control to the extent that while it is an LLC, it seems to operate more like a Co-Op. All of the members of the group thus far have been, in their own way quite talented and entertaining.

Then this happened.

Today is the first time that someone has actually debuted that was not a very established talent and while all V-Shojo members have had Hololive style intro videos done (after V--Shojo was formed) this was the first time that it it was one of their streamers' actual internet premiere. 

Hajime is an alien princess... a robotic space dragon titty monster sent to give a definitive answer to the Fermi Paradox...and conquer Earth...but mostly conquer Earth. Due to various complications she lacks an organization, significant infrastructure, and useful resources. Having landed/crashed/ cunningly concealed her ship outside of Tokyo, she was contacted by a certain rogue A.I. who helped her get a small apartment. Through said A.I. (Projekt Melody), she got a rundown on what a V-Tuber is, and hatched a cunning plan...

She will run a Twitch channel and get thousands of adoring simps to send her money, which she will use to gather resources and eventually take over the world. Her skillset includes, Loudness, Video Games, Serial Killer Trivia, Birthing lots of Dragonspawn, and speaking English, Japanese and Thai. Also lovingly animated fluid dynamics. 

As V-Shojo lore goes, this is straightforward and devoid of any caveats*, She's from space. Each of her tits is as big as her head . SHE WANTS YOUR MONEY. 

Thats it. 

There were some technical issues (she had over 16,000 viewers when she started) and boy is she shrill. 

I'm not sure about this. Aside from any cringing that might or might not have occurred, the word "simp" is now against Twitch TOS. (because the world is stupid).  

But after enduring a chunk of the debut, I wonder if V-Shojo is going to be doing something like Pro-Wrestling and having her be a designated villain. 
That might be her niche. 

UPDATE: Well. Twitch suspended her after her first stream. Rumors are that her character design was too sexy...though I note the use of the word "simp" multiple times is a TOS violation. 

* Or wolf-plant hybrids

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