April 15, 2020

Meanwhile: In China (Far Beneath the surface of the Earth)

It appear that everybody's favorite contributor of exotic cuisines and discoverer of new and consequential organisms has made yet another contribution to the overall sense of well being that we all enjoy right now.

It seems that China has been conducting very, very small nuclear tests

 China might be secretly conducting nuclear tests with very low explosive power despite Beijing’s assertions that it is strictly adhering to an international accord banning all nuclear tests, according to a new arms-control report to be made public by the State Department. 

There is little indication of direct evidence, but there has been a tremendous activity at the main Chinese nuclear test site, (a place called Lop-Nur)  there have also been reports of subterranean explosions and these apparently coincide with the shutdown of monitoring stations that the U.S. and China maintain in each other's countries as per treaty to confirm neither is conducting nuclear tests. 

This assertion is made in a soon-to be released report by the U.S. State Department on Adherence and compliance with non-proliferation matters. 

A quick perusal of publicly available documents reveals that in last years report on the same subject, similar concerns were raised. 

The information raised by DIA Director LTG Robert Ashley in his remarks at the Hudson
Institute on May 29, 2019, including China’s possible preparation to operate its test site year
round and its use of explosive containment chambers, coupled with China’s lack of transparency
on their nuclear testing activities, raise questions regarding its adherence to the "zero-yield”
nuclear weapons testing moratorium adhered to by the United States, United Kingdom, and
China probably carried out multiple nuclear weapon-related tests or experiments in 2018.
Additional information is provided in the higher classification version of this report.
The nature of these tests raises concerns regarding China’s adherence to its moratorium, which
China declared in 1996, judged against the U.S. "zero-yield” standard.  

That is the extent of what's in it. Again, this is from last years report, which, being a public document was found with about 2 minutes of web searching after reading the linked articles. It will be interesting to see if the forthcoming report has further details or evidence, in particular the timing of the sensor stations going off line. 

A representation  of a Chinese nuclear attack from the Art of Fallout 4

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