February 20, 2019


Jussie Smollet appears to still be a liar, the Covington Kids still haven't done anything particularly racist, and Trump is still literally Hitler (and a very, very bad one at that), so is there any other news?

Well, while we weren't looking....

India and Pakistan haven't gone to war and popped off any of their 260+ nukes yet....emphasis on yet

Ebola has killed over 840 people this month and the hot zone is doubling as a war zone so it's pretty much hell on earth.

The Air Force has had an intel specialist defect to Iran and give the Iranians a bunch of secrets, including the names of U.S. intel agents. 

We don't have flying cars yet, but Tam points out that we are living in the future! (Albeit a William Gibson novel)

Perhaps an Asimov future instead, as Pixy links us to news of a robot uprising in Germany

Or maybe it's The Crazy Years 'cause this is where we righties all stand up and say "Thank you and AMEN!" to the writings of The Notorious RBG.

We end with a story of terrible mistakes and redemption that comes to us, again via Pixy...

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1 Robot uprising?  Oh, that robot uprising.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wed Feb 20 22:52:39 2019 (PiXy!)

2 Someone explain to me how "amazon arbitrageurs" are any different from ticket scalpers.

Posted by: Rick C at Thu Feb 21 01:19:34 2019 (Iwkd4)

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