July 23, 2013

Life Altering Hairstyles

Stella WAHSDC3 has been pleasant enough thus far. The other club members are all likeably eccentric. The problem has been main character who is SO damned insecure and introverted that by episode 3 it begins to grate. Yura has problems. She is terribly introverted, indecisive and afraid of her own shadow.

However, in this episode (#3) these issues stop just being a character trait and become a plot point.

It appears that our heroine has come to grips with her problem and is growing as a character.

And I find that cool.

As an aside, the actress doing Kirishima is knocking ot out of the park as far as conveying the oddness of the character most effectively.

UPDATE: Teh Banshee has a fine analysis of Yura's conundrum in the comments.

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1 Yura is caught between two different standards of behavior. One is that the nail shouldn't stick up, and that if it does, it should hammer itself down. Sticking out is a burden to other people, and your rights are whatever the group chooses to throw your way. And the group is whoever is around at the moment, not just your friends and family who care about you. Yura has been thoroughly indoctrinated into this, by always being the lowest status person around (possibly only in her own mind). But this standard is why Japanese bullies apparently aren't kidding when they call on people to surrender to save them trouble, and why Japanese police feel insulted if an innocent person who has been  arrested should publicly proclaim his innocence. So of course Yura thinks she is obliged to surrender, or suffer both social and physical consequences for being a nuisance to the other team and to her own. Because apparently, that's what's always happened when she stuck out.

But in her fantasies, she is a person with worth and status, a person who can persevere and fight. In part of her mind, she thinks of paintball as a way to become that person. She just has no idea of how to go about it, or not enough courage to follow her ideas.

And by cutting her hair, she declares that she is going to really do it.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Wed Jul 24 16:22:30 2013 (cvXSV)

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