July 31, 2007

Less Than 12 Hours Left (How I Saved Hamption Roads)

   Packing turned into sorting some snorkel gear...which, in turn cascaded in to a general cleaning exercise.   I'm perpetually amazed at the ammount of CRAP I accumulate...

    I realized earlier today that my insurance bill comes due a few days before I an scheduled to return.  Given this trip is going to be an extreme budget adventure, this was a highly  unwelcome realization.

   There was considerable temptation to pay it when I get back as I'd still be within the grace period for payments. Of course there is social responsibility to consider. If my very modestly insured mobile home has a 4 day lapse in coverage this will undoubtedly call forth a terrible hurricane upon Southeastern Virginia.

   So I bit the bullet and paid the bill.
   As there will be no lapse in coverage....no hurricane is likely to hit.
   No doubt I just saved Hampton Roads.
  (Of course Pat Robertson will get all the credit)

*Legal notice: Brickmuppet Blog accepts no responsibility for any hurricanes hitting Hampton Roads during the month of August 2008. No actual hurricane protection is suggested or implied by this lame blog post.

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