May 31, 2008

Lawn Grues

 I am no longer really required at my folks house as  my dad is fully able to walk, my mom is off chemo and my grandmother continues to make progress, so this week I began the process of moving back into the trailer in earnest.

I arrived at the trailer Tuesday with a truckload of stuff that included a borrowed weed wacker. One important thing on the to do list being trim the yard...which had been completely untended for a month.

That became the major thrust of the operation. Not only was the grass much higher than I had feared,  the yard was full of  logs, limbs, rocks...umm...boulders...a sink, beer cans, beer bottles,  lengths of reebar, a toilet, bits of iron, various cuts of wood...mostly siding and plywood,  a catchers mitt  concrete slabs and plastic toys.

Oh, and my lawn mower didn't work despite hours of attempted resuscitation.

I did a little bit of work on the trees with a hack saw and left.

I used to have woods on 2 a landscaping business has moved into the former woods on one side...and some time in the last 2 weeks they cleared out those pesky trees....and presumably saved on disposal fees.

It rained Wednesday and Thursday.

Yesterday I arrived with a lawnmower, weedwacker, chainsaw, pruning shears and a crowbar.

The yard is now presentable.

As of when I'd left, the power had not been reconnected yet, that will come this weekend hopefully, but the water is on.

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1 Find an old Camaro on blocks in there somewhere?

Posted by: Will at Sat May 31 22:28:38 2008 (sp407)

Find an old Camaro on blocks in there somewhere?

No actually, I could have possibly done something with that.
The oddest omission in the litany of litter was tires...there was not a single tire in the yard.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sun Jun 1 14:43:28 2008 (a4UjH)

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