January 09, 2023

Is This Thing Still On?

Is it BACK on? 

Oh good. 

So, a lot has happened since last I posted, let's skim over four things. 

Kari Lake lost her suit alleging that she was cheated out of the governors' race in Arizona.  Well, she did basically prove that she lost due to chicanery, but she ALSO had to prove intent. Which, in the absence of psychics is basically impossible. Significantly, she DID stay out of jail, and paid no fines beyond court costs which the current, dubious, but legally acknowledged governor was pushing for.

Lake had the receipts, much more so than Trump did in 2020, but like Trump, she ran into the issue that our system has little or no capacity to overturn a certified election. 

Neo had timely thoughts on this here and here

I fear this sordid mess will only radicalize people.



For some years whackaloons of all stripes (except the tankies...oddly enough) have been spinning crazy tales of conspiritoria regarding how the "deep state", especially the FBI and CIA have been censoring people and interfering in elections to keep people not in "the club" from political power. Over Christmas, Elon Musk responded to this silly conspiracy theory by providing actual documentation that confirmed everybody's worst fears. Apparently someone did not realize The Lives of Others was a cautionary tale and not a civics lesson. 

It's amusing to watch the Wikipedia page on this change minute to minute. 



We still can't post images, but our crack team of bloggers (Me, myself, & I) are not gonna wait for that to get fixed anymore and are posting again. 

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1 Our system is founded on several decades of precedent that was itself based on false premises.  The terrific enlightened masters managing the reputation of the profession of law are making an uncertain situation less predictable by being heavy handed wackaloons.  By that I mean mainly that I think they are in effect working to create the political will to get rid of some of the insanely stupid enabling legislation. 

Twitter and the Twitter files has been an entertaining matter.  Not that I unconditionally trust the current claims there. 

This power substation stuff is concerning.  There are lots of kinds of malicious or apparently malicious acts, and anything that speaks to organized conspiracy looks like a potential serious concern to a lot of people.

One thing you didn't mention was the affair of Kevin McCarthy.  In hindsight, being from California and inserted into the congressional Republicans when he was (IIRC after the 2006 election) is a very suspicious pair of details.  My takeaway is that people are seriously pissed at all the abuse of formal systems for malicious ends, and some of them saw an opportunity to screw some folks over in return.  Very like the Honkening. 

There will be lots more opportunities, for very many people, to get some licks in ways that do not violate the informal unstated norms of American life.  There will be glowies and others encouraging folks to express discontent in ways that are unproductive for your own philosophy.  It is very likely that their political values will not be your own.  Test the ideas presented to you, and feel free to ignore anything that you can not show is sound according to your own understanding.

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