January 29, 2023

I'm beginning to think....

...that Velma might not be worth watching. 

I'm not a Scooby Doo fanboy, but like most Americans my age, I'm pretty familiar with the franchise, which was a fairly inoffensive kids show  that had the benefit of explaining, in very kid friendly terms, Occam's Razor. That is; those unusual goings on are probably not actually aliens, tar monsters, or ghost pirates. Instead, there's probably a perfectly mundane explanation, like a real estate scam or something. 
This seems to me to be a good thing to be teaching kids.
Besides killing off the eponymous talking dog, Velma appears, like so much of today's media, to be injecting critical theory into every aspect of the show. Additionally, it seems to have just been vindictively bad. What I mean is, if the reviews are to be believed, every plot point seems designed to insult or piss off fans of the show, which makes me wonder who the target audience for this fiasco actually is. I am spectacularly unconcerned with the race swapping, but basically everything else looks horrid. 

I'm particularly astonished that Ironmouse, one of the most talented indie-V-tubers, who is usually great at improv, finds herself unable to do much more than cuss and describe aspects of the show with dumfounded confusion and horror. 

Both V-tubers note the fact that the cast is in high-school, which is completely inappropriate for the subject matter.

I was not going to watch this show. I don't have enough time to hate watch anything, and doing so would only add to these insane writer's click-count. However, this show seems so monumentally, deliberately bad that it is actually bewildering and warrants some comment. 

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1 I've been thinking lately that there are at least three theory sets that stories can be designed off of.

One, traditional notions of good and evil rooted in Judeo-Christian values.

Two, English major literary theory.  Which on the positive side of my view, is useful for writing class papers.  There are writers that seem to get some use of it, but I've maybe been over exposed, and am not a fan.  But, it isn't strictly incompatible with good/evil, and it does help some story tellers reduce design complexity of projects, so...

Three, the modern academic theory symbol magic model. 

One can suppose three cohorts.  People who used theory one and two, people who used theory two and three, and a current group that are using theory three.  Last group can see the theory three stuff in the second cohort's work, but does not see the function inherited by imitating previous story designers, and does not care. 

Their work is basically a combination of the 'stop hitting yourself' bullying game, with mockery of 'you' for 'hitting yourself'.  And, they are not effective enough bullies to really force much of anyone to play along with their games. 

I bite my thumb at these media vandals.

However, I think I'm most seriously enraged at the state of academia.  I have become convinced that the university needs to be destroyed in order to salvage much of tertiary education.

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2 Appendix:

I dislike critical theory.

I have two related objections, in general.

One is ancient conspiracy theories, that seem to propose that human nature wrt to conspiracies functions in exactly opposite ways to how it actually seems to work.

Two is that the critical theorists magically speak for the oppressed, and can undo the conspiracies.  They don't speak for the disadvantaged, they cheerlead the destruction by fire of poor neighborhoods.  They are propagandists for the powerful political interests who see arson and riot as a politically useful tactic. 

The third more specific objection with  the theory of critical theory is that it matters who makes certain statemetns.  The wrong people basically cannot make true statements.  In mathematics, the truth or falsehood of statements does not depend on who is making them.  Applying critical theory to mathematics seems to break mathematics in weird and unpredictable ways.  A mathematician may conclude that critical theory has been disproven by contradiction.  The critical theorists seem to be pretty clear that they need to conclude that mathematics is a conspiracy.

Forex, the critical race theorists concluding that mathematics is a racist conspiracy. 

They assert that logic is invalid and that additionally that they are not saying that 'mathematics is not for blacks'. 

I think that a school with a DIE program is /not/ actually attempting to help more blacks learn mathematics.  They may think that they are doing so. 

I find all of this extremely concerning and frustrating.

Posted by: Pat Buckman at Sun Jan 29 16:37:09 2023 (r9O5h)

3 They don't want solved problems. Look at the woke reees about Mr. Beast paying for cataract surgery. Solving mysteries with rational thinking and pooling strengths among friends is not what they want. Mental illness is desired, envied, and evoked.
And it looks like Norville's girlfriend is going to have her brain put into a dog.
Apparently these worst tv series are now produced only to be watched by YT reviewers, because nobody else wants them.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Tue Jan 31 11:05:15 2023 (sF8WE)

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