January 14, 2021

Hopefully Not Cassandra (Updated) (Bumped)

One of the commenters here posted the following three days ago.

 ALERT: Someone is planning a false flag event this weekend. Either the 16th, 17th, or 19th at state capitols and DC (the date of the supposed patriot event varies). Poorly designed posters have been mailed out to conservatives and conservative groups....there's some unconfirmable conspiracy theorizing in the middle...The posters call for armed men to show up at the capitols for a march..

Note that while I have not encountered one of these posters myself, other people who I trust (Including our brilliant and wise web host...praise the lathe of the maker) have verified that these posters & memes are, in fact, circulating. 

So, maybe, don't show up armed in D.C. or in front of state Capitol buildings in the next few weeks. 

(Alternatively: you can lie down with dogs & get up with fleas.)

Also, if you are aware of an imminent threat of violent mischief, and have evidence, perhaps let the authorities know.  

UPDATE: Styxhexenhammer has seen these fliers too and his thoughts on the matter are similar to mine. 

I should note that I don't think that most of these protests are "false flags", but I do think that they are a very bad idea and that both the Boogaloo Blockheads and leftist provocateurs are intending to hijack these to foment various flavors of chaos.

UPDATIER: As of 15:10 (Jan. 13) Dr. Reynolds over at Instapundit has now noted this too and in the comments Rick C has turned up one of the posters...and boy howdy... Yes, it looks like the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks are joining hands with the Tankies in doing a synchronized propeller dance to give all the oxygen they can to this impending dumpster fire. 

That or these LARPers today have only ever seen commie agitprop before. 

Don't go to these things, they will only end in tears. Also: Pixy has unearthed more evidence of derpitude

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1 I haven't seen such flyers, and while I can easily believe that the Left is trying to set up more false flag operations, this sort of thing makes me wonder: at what point *do* we show up with our guns? What line will finally send up the balloon?
They keep salami-slicing away the Constitution, and I keep hearing "this is not the hill to die upon"...so when will we know we've finally gotten to that hill? If honest elections for the Presidency don't qualify, then does anything?
N.B. I'm not advocating anything at this point. I'm just wondering if *anything* will ever merit watering the Tree of Liberty again, or if we've already ceded our freedoms away for a mess of pottage.

Posted by: jabrwok at Wed Jan 13 09:29:38 2021 (BlRin)

2 @jabrwok, one of the posters is up on Ace's this morning; here's the direct link to the image: http://ace.mu.nu/archives/coup%2020210113%2002.jpg
Notice the red background with yellow stars.

Posted by: Rick C at Wed Jan 13 13:23:51 2021 (eqaFC)

3 At Instapundit they've found what is probably the original poster this one was cribbed from.  I commented over there that I posted this one on FB & said "do not go to this event."  FB deleted the post, claiming it could put people in harm, clearly ignoring my text.

Posted by: Rick C at Fri Jan 15 10:18:01 2021 (eqaFC)

4 I have two words: Reichstag. Fire.

Posted by: EdwardM at Fri Jan 15 19:36:31 2021 (AsZsx)

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