October 31, 2021

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

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The trash at my house was not taken out over the last 3 months, resulting in the whole house having a most distinctive aroma.

A power failure and signs of melting have resulted in the contents of the freezers being in doubt.

The refrigerator's contents are....an interesting ecosystem that probably warrants some study...but regrettably, are now in the trash. 

I think someone siphoned the gas out of my van's tank.

My grass was cut, as I'd arraigned, but the hedges are now quit out of control. The hedge clipper's, don't work.

Mud had been tracked all over my downstairs by paramedics, and my parents. 

The soggy Amazon boxes that sat on my porch for a week  and were deposited in my living room by an acquaintance after I called about them, are now chia-pets...with their own unique smell. 

There seems to be some water damage, perhaps from the hurricane that didn't hit.

Mee.nu was down when I arrived.

My insurance gave out a month ago.

I'm caught at home on Halloween without candy. I'll probably be eaten.

On the plus side:


Despite the disruptions I haven't missed any payments, because I had considerable savings! (had)

I passed my PT evaluation! I'd finally maxed out all the resistance settings on the exercise equipment I'd used at the PT facility, and showed considerable improvement in balance tests. 

While not fully recovered (I still can't run, I can't quite talk right) I did get my driver's license reinstated!

The doctor said I have blood test results like a 30 year old (I'm 51). Aside from a high hemoglobin count resulting in thick blood, all my labs were surprisingly good. The high hemoglobin was much lower than it had been at the hospital and my doctor attributed it to my having to wear a mask at the PT facility. This is a plus because an actual doctor wrote me a note for work saying I have to wear a face shield rather than a mask! 

What's more, the note is not superfluous. I still have a job! I start next Monday! I went in and talked to my management team and they allowed me to wear a face shield!

I'm home!

I'm sleeping in my OWN bed...well, after I wash the sheets. 

I am no longer on dial-up.

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1 Congrats!

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Sun Oct 31 18:18:56 2021 (LZ7Bg)

2 Welcome home, Brickmuppet!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sun Oct 31 18:36:12 2021 (PiXy!)

3 Excellent news!  Welcome back!

Posted by: cxt217 at Sun Oct 31 19:35:06 2021 (MuaLM)

4 Great to hear, welcome home!

Posted by: DougO at Sun Oct 31 21:06:50 2021 (G1vK4)

5 Congrats!  Glad you're home again.

Posted by: Rick C at Sun Oct 31 22:57:42 2021 (Z0GF0)

6 Oh thank goodness. And a shame about the wreckage you had to return to, although I can imagine all kinds of ways it could be worse.

Posted by: Mauser at Mon Nov 1 00:19:13 2021 (Ix1l6)

7 Welcome back.

Posted by: Don at Mon Nov 1 08:48:08 2021 (fvP4F)

8 Welcome back!

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Mon Nov 1 19:29:33 2021 (FmoZj)

9 Very glad to hear that you are home, even if things are stinky.
I highly recommend baking soda. Maybe even charcoal, or  kitty litter with smell absorbing powers.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Mon Nov 1 21:33:35 2021 (sF8WE)

10 Yay for you!

Posted by: Ubu at Tue Nov 2 01:42:32 2021 (UlsdO)

11 Congrats and welcome back

Posted by: Really Bored at Wed Nov 3 09:49:18 2021 (yOfvF)

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