January 15, 2014

Get it Quick!

One of our commentors, a Mr. Mauser, has taken time off from inflicting puns upon our comments section in order to publish an E-book book for the Kindle. I gather from the "Customers Who Viewed This Also Viewed.." section that it is a rather racy tome.

If you're interested in such things you probably should act now. His blog's title will likely result in a DMCA takedown notice on general principle.

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1 Heh, That's a weird aspect of Amazon's matching system.  See, I actually put it up in Erotica for about the first 8 hours (since it does have sex in it) but I discovered that if you put a book in Science Fiction-General and Fiction-Erotica, the latter blocks out all other categories. Sarah Hoyt told me that unless it's entirely driven by Sex, it shouldn't be in Erotica, so I changed it, and it takes a while to propagate the change.  In the intervening 8 hours, I got 4 of my six sales so far. (That doest count one UK sale-read-return cycle.  Apparently you can do that in the EU.)

I actually had an earlier revision of the story on my DeviantArt account for three months. Of course, it had to come down when I launched the book, since Amazon would price match down to 0 for that.

It's quite nerve-wracking the first time you put something up like that.  The butterflies in my stomach were re-enacting the Reno Air Races the whole time.

Posted by: Mauser at Wed Jan 15 07:25:27 2014 (TJ7ih)

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