June 30, 2013

Gargantia Ends

Well...now we know what that fountain in episode 5 was all about.

Well, what's there to gripe about?
There's a slight reduction in the animation quality in episode 11 & the first part of 12. There was a scene where one character was way off model and there was that gratuitous moment of yuck in episode 5....


Yeah...I think that sums up all my complaints.... now the good points.

This has been one of the more enjoyable shows in recent years.

 It's nicely paced with likeable characters, gorgeous art, and at times, near movie quality production values.  It's a substantive show too, touching on themes of ethics, honor, redemption and the extraordinary and irreplaceable value of liberty.

 Gargantia goes to some dark places, but it never succumbs to nihilism. It is saved from that by the general decency of most of its characters and the fact that the show never loses its sense of hope.

When not dealing with challanges that range from the silly to the venal to the epic, it focuses on life in one of the most pleasant, visually interesting and from all appearances liveable fantasy/ sci-fi worlds in recent memory; a world that in almost every episode managed to surprise.

NOTE: Some surprises more consequential than others.

Beautifully presented, and well thought out, Gargantia on the Verduous Planet is inspiring, thrilling and ultimately quite pleasant. It also  manages to pull off a thoroughly satisfying ending which is a pretty rare thing.

This ones a real gem.
Gen Urobochi is the writer, Kazuya Murata is the director, Koji Tanaka is the art director, Naruko Hannaharu did the character designs and the Music Director is Taro Iwashiro. They all bear watching in the future.

Note that there will be at least one OAV( Released with the BD set)

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You hooked me with Spoiler #2; guess we'll be looking at this when we get home.

Such changes in ten years!  Coming out of the Hampton tunnel, I was rather taken aback at the 300' Brickmuppet Statue... and why they chose to immortalize you as a Magical Girl still eludes....

See ya'!

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Sun Jun 30 17:45:11 2013 (AS4zy)

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