December 22, 2012


Running for 44 episodes from 1976-77 Gaiking was one of the less typical Super Robot shows of the '70s and in some ways predated the later mech shows. Gaiking was one of several captured alien superweapons carried in a huge (Dinosaur shaped) mother ship that were being used to defend earth against an invading alien force (The Dark Horror Army) . Unlike many other super robot shows they did not fight the enemies right outside Tokyo, but engaged them all over the world and in space. The various robot weapons were crewed by misfits, nerds and in the case of Gaiking, a washed up baseball player because the original crew picked to figure out the alien technology was mostly assasinated by the invaders in episode one.
It wasn't a huge hit but it was quirky enough that it is remembered fondly and it's somewhat iconic. In the mid '90s video game Super Robot Wars Gaiking kit was a particularly awesome asset to acquire  particularly the big carrier.

And so that was it for Gaiking except for a brief flurry of interest around a rumored movie that went nowhere about 3 years ago...

...but wait.

August Ragone reports that the film is a GO and Toei, has hired GALE ANNE HURD to produce the show. Danny Choo's ANEW is involved as well. Gale Anne Hurd is currently best known for The Wallking Dead, but she was the producer who produced all the good James Cameron movies. There seems to be a 1-1 correlation between a James Cameron movie not being a 2 dimensional over produced piece of hippie excrement and Gale Anne Hurd's presence on the production staff. (T1 T2 Aliens) She's done some other gems as well, like Tremors.

This is true sign of the end times...a Giant Robot movie one might actually look forward to!

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1 This is true sign of the end times...a Giant Robot movie one might actually look forward to!

*cough*Pacifc Rim*cough*

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sun Dec 23 00:22:33 2012 (cymHZ)

2 I dunno if I'd get into a neural interface system that was running GLaDOS....

On the other hand, that flight suit... am I getting a new fetish?

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Dec 23 06:03:52 2012 (cZPoz)

3 Oh wow...Now you're 'meching with portals.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sun Dec 23 21:53:11 2012 (vp6an)

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