October 16, 2012

Debate 3

Romney did well again and I think he won it, though it was not the utter rout the first debate was. The President showed up this time...
...and seemed to have bribed the ref.

"Yeah...ABOUT that moderator..."

Great googly moogley, Crowley went to the mat for the president. It wasn't even subtle. She out and out lied about Obama's rose garden speech regards Benghazi to get the President out of a bind (to the cheers of the supposedly "undecided" audience). She interrupted Romney multiple times.

Romney still did well despite questioners a moderator and an audience that were overwhelmingly stacked against him. His introduction of the Fast and Furious scandal into the discussion was elegant and he utterly trounced the president on the early questions regards energy. He missed a few opportunities, and was not permitted to respond to some of the Presidents accusations, but on the whole he did well. Obama's presence was much better than last time but did not  really rise to the occasion.

There are thoughts from others here, here, here and here.

Update: This is interesting.

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