May 08, 2016


There should be coral, barnacles and sea squirts all over the submerged portions of Tokyo Tower and the surrounding edifices.

From episode 1 of High School Fleet, which is exceedingly odd. It's set in a future where the sea level has risen dramatically. The fact that society has adjusted quite well is a nice departure from the norm, and probably a more accurate prediction than most. Likewise their portrayal of the survivability of an LCS is quite astute but there are issues besides the growth rate of barnacles that do give one pause.

You see, our heroines are on a school ship that is built to broadly resemble a WW2 Japanese destroyer....

Despite the vessel's high pressure steam plant, Harekaze is highly automated and is crewed by a mere 36 high school students who are unsupervised except indirectly from an instructor's flagship. 

The student CO, one Misake Akeno, is quite astonished at her assignment given that she just barely made it into the school academically. 

The crew's first training cruise hits a snag, partly due to human error and partly due to the ship's finicky steam plant. While the crew does get these matters battened down, things nevertheless turn pear shaped quite suddenly, and not in a way anyone would expect.

I'm not sure what to think at this point. It looks like Girls Und Panzer with destroyers rather than tanks, but with a completely incongruous bit of...edginess.

Anyway, though it appears to be a collection of current anime fads this show has a certain potential. 

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1 It doesn't "broadly resemble a WW2 Japanese destroyer"... from all evidence presented in the show, it's a Kagero-class DD.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Mon May 9 01:08:39 2016 (XQ5ac)

2 How quickly did the water rise and how long has it been at this level? Obviously long enough ago that docks and landings could be built at the new level but long enough for coral to develop? 

Posted by: Bill Hunsicker at Sat May 14 09:39:28 2016 (z5/oc)

3 Maybe not coral, but barnacles instead. That only takes months.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sun May 15 03:07:08 2016 (+rSRq)

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