May 12, 2011

China Bans Time Travel

China Hush reports that the Chinese Government has banned time travel.

It looks like Skynet is now online and passing laws in the Politburo.

Actually they have banned media that involve time travel.

None of this then...

Or that...

The reason given is that such shows are disrespectful to history as it ads elements ( the time travelers) that were not there. But as anyone who saw U-571 or Pear Harbor...or Pocahontas knows temporal displacement is not necessary for total historical asshattery.

The decree was made on April 1st which caused it to be pretty much ignored, but it is quite serious. Note that they have also decreed that there can be no new versions or re-imaginings of the 4 great classical novels (Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Outlaws of the Marsh, Journey to the West,  Dream of the Red Chamber).

More to the point I suspect, there will be no shows about what would happen if Mr.Peabody jumped in thewayback machine and blew up that bridge while the long marchers were crossing it. Why there'd be enough girls there, 80 million people wouldn't have died, China might have started liberalizing its economy in the '50s...yeah, I can see where that might be an awkward storyline.

But I'm not discounting skynet.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that I got through that whole post without making a single snarky comment about Tom Friedman. Brickmuppet Blog apologizes for this oversight.

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