August 12, 2007

Bottom Story of the Day

Primary provider of pamphelets for parody produces Potterphobic piece of poo.

I don't think there ARE ouiga boards in Harry Potter....

Oh well, a quick perusal through the tubes of these here internets turned up a couple images.


 I never got any magical powers playing D&D...and where were all the hot goth babe GMs or the other gaming girls in the blasphemously rejiggered panel above?

All those years...was I doing it wrong?

Also, none of these strikes me as an effective disincentive to playing the game.  "Magic chicks....LAWD NO...Save me from this!!"


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ALERT PIXY: possible bug alert.

Hyperlink in this post stubbornly refused to work to this post

The link does work to the posts comments as I post this.

I tried 3 times but only the comments link works...weird...

It's a trivial point but it may be part of something larger.

Posted by: Ken Talton at Mon Aug 13 00:06:06 2007 (A1S6z)

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