January 23, 2021

Big Bag o' Meat

So I placed an Amazon Fresh order and this evening my milk, fruit, curry (presumably extracted from the titanic sandworms in the vast deserts of...Vermont) were delivered to my door in 4 paper bags. 

Upon inspection, I realized I'd paid for 3 of those bags. 

So I called Amazon, and took an inordinate ammount of time explaining that "No...my order was fine...I just got someone else's too and it seems like a pretty consequential bag of groceries" After a few minutes I got passed far enough up the chain that I talked to someone capable of making a decision, rather than taking dictation. 

It turns out that they can't send the driver back to pickup the bag for obvious liability reasons but after going through what was in the very full bag, I gather they were able to close out, or correct a concern ticket. As I went through my unexpected loot, I found that I'd scored  a couple of steaks, lots of expensive sausages, children's lunch packs, TexMex cheeses, High end Swiss cheese, diet lemonade, Hamburger  and...Turkey sausage. That last  is, upon reflection, somewhat disturbing in concept, but less so than the realization that someone who'd spent more money on that bag than my cheap ass had on groceries all month....and had ordered them just in  time for dinner...and had kids, was without what was probably their Saturday dinner. Hopefully they got the bag replaced quickly. 

OTOH, Brickmuppet's eatin' lotsa' STEAK this week!
(Not sure about the turkey...sausage though.) 

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1 Amazon Fresh is probably the least reliable of Amazon's services.  Probably about 2/3rds of my orders from them since I started using them when the beer bug became a thing have been missing 1 or more items.  In checking message boards, this is not an uncommon experience or unusually bad luck.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Sun Jan 24 11:44:05 2021 (SujyP)

2 There's nothing particularly wrong with turkey sausage (that isn't wrong with the concept of "sausage" in general.)

Posted by: Jonathan Tappan at Sun Jan 24 12:15:38 2021 (eaKtq)

3 I've heard that from other people too, but I have lucked out. 

I ordered from Fresh a lot during the lockdown. Once they substituted ground beef for stew meat. That is the only other time I've had a problem....er, issue....umm, this is neither. This is a bag of free meat. 
Working in a shipping warehouse where every package is tightly tracked, I have a pretty good idea of how both issues happened, particularly since Amazon is rumored to have personnel policies akin to Weyland-Yutani. 
I'm not ordering nearly as much from Fresh now, but that is for reasons quite separate from their service. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sun Jan 24 12:31:48 2021 (5iiQK)

4 @ Jonathan Tappan: I'm a southerner and we have this thing called chitterlings, and Turkey Sausage just brings that to mind. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sun Jan 24 12:45:15 2021 (5iiQK)

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