June 14, 2013

Because...Flag Day

For about 20 years the flag did not have 13 stripes. In 1818 Congress looked at all the unincorporated territories and decided that to continue adding a star AND a stripe to the flag for each state would produce an unsightly mess in short order. Thus they mandated that the number of stripes revert to the original 13 to commemorate the original colonies.

Of course this was after 4 years after the most famous US flag had already flown and gotten punched full of beauty marks.

In any event whether ones US Flag has 13, 14 or 15 stripes there are rules* for handling them and one of those is that using them as tablecloths IS RIGHT OUT.

* Of course the first amendment trumps these but in general non-adherence here is considered quite rude and will not generally be an effective means of winning hearts and minds to ones cause.

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