April 11, 2017

Aaaaaand..They're Off

A bit over a week ago Dad dropped a 4x8 on his foot and broke it. (Well, the breakage was mostly his big toe...Mostly.)

Shortly thereafter, Mom had what we thought was a stroke and went to the hospital only to find that it was a drug interaction. Dad quickly compensated for this good news by lancing his toe to relieve pressure...and the next day it was horribly infected, requiring another trip to the hospital. 

So, it's been hectic here.

Naturally, these two walking wounded decided that these reminders of their mortality meant that now is the time to attempt THAT TRIP again. 

Day before yesterday...they set out.

They'll make a destination decision when they reach Florida, they're either going to Belize, the Bahamas or Puerto Rico. 

I blame Pixar for this madness.

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April 06, 2017


I guess our president decided to celebrate the centennial of America's entry into The Great War with a YEUGE fireworks display

Actually, this raid was in response to the horrific gas attack earlier in the week. 

I should note that we have over 1000 troops on the ground in Syria, a country whose government has not given us permission to be there and which is an ally of Russia who also has thousands of troops on the ground helping to protect Syria (an important ally of their's) by shooting at the Jihadists we are ostensibly backing and that a number of those Russian troops are operating out of Syrian airforce bases where they crew AAA batteries and ground attack planes, which, for some reason brings to mind the fact that those 59 Tomahawks were aimed at a Syrian airbase.  Meanwhile while we are fighting the (mostly) different jihadis in ISIS which Russia is also fighting in addition to those guys our troops are assisting that Syria considers enemies of their state without any coordination with us. So, Russian and U.S. troops are on opposite sides of a civil war, armed and shooting at people who are trying to kill them in an area in which at least two factions are using poison gas and Iran and Hezbollah have large forces in the area.

"What could possibly go wrong?"

UPDATE: Thoughts from a professional perspective from Cdr. Salamander here. 

This should check a few boxes and hopefully this will be it for now.

We have enough fighting in this horrible part of the world right now. We don't need more.


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100 Years Ago Today

Woodrow Wilson had run his successful 1916 presidential campaign on the notion that he would keep the US from becoming involved in the unspeakable mess in Europe. 

"He kept us out of war" might as well have been "If you like your peace you can keep it."

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April 03, 2017

In Lieu of Any Actual Content

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April 01, 2017

April Is Here

To celebrate it's arrival, we were provided with another cold front, following a day of floods, tornadoes and ice falling from the sky.

Punxsutawney Phil delenda est.

In other news, with Poe's Law now established jurisprudence in these crazy years, an April Fool's post is redundant. 

Despite this, the Russian Foreign Ministry gave it a good try.

Alas, Poe's Law may still apply.

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