January 11, 2016

A Few Random Links (Genius Edition)

Some genius is translating the Beatus of Liébana and two volumes are already out. Said genius has other translations of Iberian medieval Catholic scholarship out as well.  Given that the Amazon Prime price is naught, I'm curious as to her business plan, but she's a genius, so she's probably got it covered. 

At the exact opposite end of nearly every spectrum or graph, another genius has blogged the junction of democracy, capitalism and trigger discipline. (Link probably NSFW)

Some mad genius in Texas is peddling an insane theory that involves the IJNS Nagato and Godzilla. Alas he has amassed compelling evidence, which is why he's not just a crazy person in Texas. 

A gunnery genius has composed...this

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January 10, 2016

Well. This is Awkward.

From Episode 3-8 of RWBY, in which the not quite eponymous Ruby manages, through pluck and cleverness, to figure out some of what is happening and for a glorious moment become a major force moving the plot forward in her own show. 

This episode superbly captures the bi-polar nature of this series. In 17 minutes, it provided us with a highly improbable hand-wave, as well as a scene that clumsily dropped some plot points in a thoroughly perfunctory and dubiously characterized manner.

The same episode managed to be funny, touching and provided more insight into Blake's character and motivations in a minute and a half than most shows can manage for their characters in a season.

It also touched again on that plot thread from a month ago, where Pyrrha is trying to come to terms with a dreadful choice she has been presented with that may involve a fate worse than death. This whole sequence was poignant and surprisingly well done. Jaune is a dork, and frequently out of his depth, but he is not actually stupid.

For instance he immediately realizes that this is obviously a trap of some sort... 

The ending of the episode truly brings home the fact that 17 minutes and 4 seconds is too little time for an episode because NOW I HAVE TO WAIT A WEEK TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Oh dear...

This episode involved a bunch of people standing around and talking, but boy, does it have me on the edge of my seat. 

Thus is the conundrum of RWBY, which is dreadfully uneven and yet thoroughly enjoyable. 

I swear if next week is one of those fauxcumentary filler videos I'm going to scream. 

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Finally! We Have The Answer

...to the question that's been nagging us for two months.

"What are those articulated widgets  suspended from the top cabinets in all the Fallout 4 kitchens?"

"I know...the bombs are about to fall, but seriously...what IS that?"

No. Not the dubiously levitated robot....that built-in appliance THING off to the right. 


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January 08, 2016

Another Test Post

I just upgraded Parallells and now the blog looks all wonky on windows via my machine. 

I looked at it through a couple of other computers today and it looks fine there, so it's probably something to do with the recent software upgrades to my iMac, or it's specific to Midori.

Let's see if pictures work:

It's the Martini-Henry that really sells that picture.

Now lets try some tags:

Superscript test
Subscript test

Some things are just stupid. Some other things occasionally transcend that stupidity by embracing it. This may be one of those other things.

UPDATE: Well, we won't be using Midori for a while. Posting will resume shortly.

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January 05, 2016


The F-word of the evening is FUSION.

As in Fusion bomb.
One of which The People's Democratic Republic of North Korea seems to have just detonated successfully

Note that tonights selection should not in any way preclude one from using any other F-words of one's choice.

Fusion Bombs (ie: Hydrogen bombs) potentially can have vastly more yield than pure fission weapons and, more importantly, can allow much higher yields in small packages suitable for delivery from missiles. 

BTW, that last link (38 North) is one to watch over the next few days with regard to analysis of tonights nuclear test.

UPDATE: There is some skepticism being expressed in some quarters. The Diplomat is estimating the yield at only 10 kilotons (half a Hiroshima) and Jeffery Lewis and others are suggesting that this is a fusion boosted fission weapon, which is technically a fusion weapon but not a real H-bomb.

Canopus. Exactly like tonight's test except for being in the wrong hemisphere, larger, above ground and French.

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January 03, 2016

RWBY is Back

 ....after a two week hiatus and hits the ground running We finally, in conjunction with last weeks episode, get a whole slew of answers to many of the questions people have raised

This was not quite what was expected, but it clarified much and advanced the plot quite a bit. This season continues its much darker tone, but it is coming together nicely.

"Tonight's top story on the Alliteration Channel..."

One technique this episode used quite a bit was fading to a black screen for narration. This was used to good effect, but taken with the two week hiatus may speak to production difficulties. 

"Oh PLEASE no more of those!"

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January 02, 2016

An Unexpected Error Message.


I upgraded the operating System on my iMac to OS X 10.11.2 (El-Capitain) which resulted in quite a few of my apps suddenly becoming obsolete. Since I hadn't actually upgraded the OS since about I got the thing years ago, this was unsurprising. Rather more surprising was the Ap-stores new $9.99 .gif AP which doesn't actually edit .gifs. At $4.99 iGif Creator does but the new version of Safari is incompatible with the hyperlink insertion widget in Minx so no hyperlink is here. The new version of Safari doesn't show the Mee.Nu banners either. 

On the Windows side of things, my Windows 7 is again claiming to be unregistered causing me some grief when I run it, but I'm still trying to avoid Windows 10. 

As usual, the whole world celebrated my birthday yesterday morning, however, I spent most of the morning traipsing around Boston getting harassed by a really big Mirelurk, saving a cat and hanging out with this really nice French girl who is about my age and much more tech savvy, though she's a tad socially awkward. 

I guess Walter Mitty, isn't just a short story...It's a lifestyle.

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