October 26, 2019

All Those Years of Watching Cooking Shows...

...have taught her a little something about being a proper culinarian.

We owe a partial apology to Pete. Behold; to your right, the very face of insufferability. 

I must say, I'm not minding this one bit. Our heroine's competence is is completely in keeping with the protagonists of the genre in general, and especially some of the spiritual antecedents of Isekai by Burroughs and Mark Twain, plus, being a "kid", she's not fighting for survival while making her little innovations, she's a cute kid being given some leeway to entertain bored adults, and in one crucial area, as a result of being Japanese, she has some advantages.

"You have 35 letters? That's ALL!!? Oh please. Hold my chalk."

The way she got herself insinuated into the class might have strained credulity for some, but it was internally consistent, this is a fairly anachronistic world, and she does have the mind of a 30-something hiding behind that innocent smirk.

I'm still quite enjoying this.

* NOTE: While her substitution of modern cooking techniques would no doubt create the pleasant contrast presented, those techniques are predicated upon clean running water and sanitary produce. I suspect that the wasteful tradition of throwing out the broth is rooted in hygiene and bad historical outcomes. Hopefully, those can be mitigated by thorough boiling.

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1 This is still our best of season so far, even carefully measuring it against deCamp's "Lest Darkness Fall."
One quibble:  what was that with her eyes and aura when she got angry in the last ep?

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Sat Oct 26 11:09:52 2019 (ug1Mc)

2 I'm not sure if that was an attempt to convey what was to the boys the bewildering and genuinely scary rage of an angry, dangerous thing they are not allowed to hit or if she has some super saiyan librarian powers.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sat Oct 26 11:38:14 2019 (5iiQK)

3 I Will Not Spoil The Eye Thing.


Posted by: J Greely at Sat Oct 26 14:36:32 2019 (ZlYZd)

4 It is taking a bit of an effort trying to watch the series, because it just is not working well for me...But at least it is not Sword Art Online.

Posted by: cxt217 at Sat Oct 26 22:03:25 2019 (LMsTt)

5 What J said.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sat Oct 26 23:06:08 2019 (PiXy!)

6 Read the third book last night. Fun series, but the anime is soft-pedaling it a little - in the books she's -ill-, like "I overdid it today and now I'm bedridden for a week" ill. She's doing the isekai story, not only not having received boundless and effortless power and wealth, but without much of the human capital that an ordinary person would expect to be able to call upon.

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Sun Oct 27 20:30:45 2019 (v29Tn)

7 Manga is the same - she's routinely bedridden after strenuous exertion like, oh, walking.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Mon Oct 28 00:49:39 2019 (PiXy!)

8 The show does mention it. She is bedridden for a week after walking from the gate and another week after her trek into the forest. The look on her face when she realizes how short a distance she's actually walked before becoming exhausted is kinda heartbreaking.

In Isekai/RPG terms:
All her stats are min-maxxed with strength, stamina, and endurance looted in favor of a whole bunch single point knowledge skills and some higher levels in cooking, basket weaving and Professional Skill:Librarian.
She's obviously a noob.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Mon Oct 28 05:09:50 2019 (5iiQK)

9 Throwing out the broth?!!!
Geez, you never throw out extra broth, unless you're such a noob as to let it burn. You keep it on the fire simmering at a high enough temperature not to spoil, and you put in more food!

The never-dry cauldron of hospitality was a legal requirement for most free householders in early medieval Ireland, because it was a cold and damp environment. There was always soup on the fire, sometimes up to several hundred years time in some European inns.

Other possibilities in places not Ireland or a European inn:

- feed the broth to animals - use the broth as an ingredient in bread or other baked dishes, starting the cooking right after the meal
- save it in a sealed container in a refrigerator-cool root cellar or cheese room (but it has to be pretty cool, like a cave) - sop up the broth with your bread, thus becoming a member of the Clean Plate Club - fertilize your garden or enhance your compost pile with broth (not recommended, because it attracts predator animals and bugs)

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Tue Oct 29 12:15:31 2019 (sF8WE)

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