November 27, 2015

Adventures in Cardboard

Work related banality lurks below the fold, so here is a Christmas Catgirl to tide you over. 

The character's name is apparently Apricot, and is the creation of Yamai.


....She also appears to have anger issues.

I had originally asked for the day off,  but my personal (and all others) were cancelled out of anxiety that we would get greater than expected volume. The company used to give us the day off, but starting last year they made it a regular work day. Because this is so disruptive to holiday plans, the company pays time an a half ton Black Friday.

 As it turned out the volume was indeed somewhat heavier than initially anticipated. There were a large number of people who called in sick, but the day, while hectic was going along smoothly  right up until we heard an unwelcome grindy noise, the building began to small of burnt hair, and the package belt carrying the majority of the buildings package traffic stopped moving.

 Normally, in the rare cases that there is a belt failure, we simply put down rollers and push. However the belt in question went up to the second floor about 45 feet over the main facility. Rollers don't work going up inclines. This resulted in much chaos, but eventually we figured on a work around.

Thus I and 5 other employees set up a bucket brigade on the staircase going to the processing flat on the second floor and moved about 10,000 parcels manually. This arrangement and the sub-optimal way we had to get the parcels to the staircase (carts) necessitated that we unload about half the trucks simultaneously that we normally would with the result that the shift dragged on rather longer than it should have. 

Unlike some people on the box brigade, I did not fall out or walk off the job. When I got off work, I couldn't feel my arms. Now I long for that worry.

On the other (throbbing) hand, we were, as I mentioned earlier,  paid overtime to start. Thus the nigh mythical double secret overtime was achieved for a surprisingly extended period. I arrived home 12 hours and 45 minutes after I had gotten up to go to my 4-5 hour shift.

This is looking to be a doozy of a holiday season.

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1 That's no catgirl! No feline ever had a tail like that... (So she isn't in any danger from us overthinking things!)

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Fri Nov 27 21:20:05 2015 (+rSRq)

2 Looking at other pictures on that site, I think she's a kitsune.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Fri Nov 27 21:23:33 2015 (+rSRq)

3 Tricky....

Posted by: Mauser at Fri Nov 27 22:21:23 2015 (5Ktpu)

4 Vicks VapoRub makes an excellent cheap liniment, but it sounds like you may need to break out the BenGay and/or heating pads instead. I also foresee that you may have to take morning and evening showers/baths, just for the muscle relief.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Sat Nov 28 13:58:14 2015 (ZJVQ5)

5 I'm sure you know that you don't want to combine VaporRub, BenGay, ice, or heating pads at the same time, in any combination. In succession with some space between them - that is the way to go. (But this is the Internet, and who knows who may read this stuff. So I clarify myself.)

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Sat Nov 28 14:00:48 2015 (ZJVQ5)

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