August 23, 2015

A Non Sequiter Brought on By a Mysterious Banhammer

 I've been banned by Facebook for some time, and while this seems to be an error that can be corrected, I've decided that having more than one blog is simply more than I can rationalize the time for. If I had a product I was marketing or a fan-base I was interacting with, then a second blog and/or Facebook page would, in all probability, pass a cost benefit analysis. However, to apply that much duplication and added effort to a hobby does not. Thus, for my part, I direct any questions about topics and format to the category tags.

I mention that, in part because, in addition to Facebook, I am banned from commenting at Wonderduck's place. 

Now, I had assumed that this was a technical issue with the web service that we share, but I've recently discovered that I cannot opine on Subrban Banshee's site either.

I've ruled out a browser issue.

Thus, I can only suspect that they both found out about that time in '79 when I allegedly precipitated the destruction of a certain old manuscript during a violent altercation with a group of hipster filkers that, in turn, inadvertently resulted in the replacement of Marty McNeely by Svengoulie after I strolled into that Chinese Restaurant to try their Peking Duck.

Let me just say that I am denying here and now that any of that in the previous paragraph ever happened. With that in mind, I have just one more, completely unrelated thing to say....
What put me firmly in the SP camp was the previous round  where one of the big complaints to Correia  was that he had not let some of the nominees know that they had been nominated in time for them to publicly renounce  their nomination...before the people of love and tolerance began denouncing and harassing said nominees.

So these people were willing to ostracize and harass someone simply for being liked by the "wrong" person.

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