November 18, 2012

Sword Art Online 20: General of the Blazing Flame

 Episode 20 picks ep exactly where 19 left off, being pursued by monsters at exceedingly high speed.

"So help me God, I'm gonna kill him"

Although Leaf is displeased with Kirito's rather slapstick method of monster evasion, it did save them considerable time on their way to stop the in-game assassination.

 This was actually a pretty good episode.

Kirito/Kazuto used his wits very nicely and what last week seemed to be a digression or side-story ended up moving the plot along quite a bit. Our party looks to be getting much bigger next week, and next weeks title suggests some additional revelations.

I was initially annoyed by the (kept his SAO stats!) device but it worked quite well in this episode, allowing several things to come together believably. The fact that this bug works is intimately tied into the larger goings on and the dark purpose behind Alfheim Online. With the loss of his treasury and being surrounded by high level players, this is no longer of any great beneffit to Kirito,

One interesting thing touched on in this episode is that Asuna, Kirito and Yui are the only people for whom this isn't "just a game" and they obviously can't quite convey the gravity of the situation to the other players (Asuna because she is not around anyone right now). Fortunately, those around Kirito and Yui are mostly hard core gamers quite immersed in the second life aspects of the world, so motivation is not as big an issue as it it might be. 

Finally, at no point was it necessary to utilize the emergency continuity consultant.

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1 Nice writeup!  But several of the pictures aren't showing up for me

Posted by: David at Sun Nov 18 15:57:35 2012 (vyRm+)

2 It looks like none of the pictures are missing; there are just a few extra bad links to the ultimatum picture.

As for Asuna,


Posted by: J Greely at Sun Nov 18 18:15:15 2012 (2XtN5)

3 I really hope that while spending that massive bag of haxxor loot to equip their teams from the good stores, someone is kind enough to get a few items for Kirito.  There is really no reason he should still be running around in low level gear.

Posted by: David at Mon Nov 19 13:37:42 2012 (Lf1Ga)

4 I've had a suspicion about that odd login glitch, and the stuff that did translate across games.  I mean, a re-skinned SAO is fine, but why should Krito have access to his old stats on a new character?  Why would "old" SAO character data be loaded into the new database at all?  And how strange is it that the glitch should drop him near the one player he could count on for support?

Posted by: ubu at Wed Nov 21 13:59:25 2012 (SlLGE)

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