January 22, 2021

In Which I Annoy the Wrong People Again

One of Trumps signature issues and the reason that he got elected was immigration. The fact is that the lack of enforcement of immigration was  (and soon will be again) causing massive disruptions and suffering for American citizens, particularly along the southern border. Unchecked and un-vetted the masses of people, especially those from Central America and Mexico have flooded into the country and caused some genuine disruption. Quite aside from the horrific criminal element that has attached itself like a remora to this desperate migration, the influx of people who don't know the rules, language or mores is a stress on our most vulnerable communities. 

However, I think that the issue is being misidentified by both sides of the argument. 

The problem is that new arrivals are NOT being screened for criminal histories nor assimilated into those values. Rather we're importing the pathologies that these people are trying to escape from. Sothwestern cities and even moreso California ones are increasingly surrounded by the sorts of favelas that these people tried to get away from, and, bypassing the immigration test they don't get a primer on U.S. civics...

I'm not nearly as concerned about immigration per se as I am the lack of assimilation with regards to civics. As long as you learn English and accept the tenets of U.S. civics like equality before the law, freedom of speech, and that the state's near monopoly of force does not extend to self defense, ( and, er, the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo) then everything's OK. Even if you have a completely different background culture that's OK. we've got 17 vastly different ones , hundreds of reservations and thousands of ethnoburbs already.

(Nicked from Reddit, source Unknown)

America is not The Borg.

However much certain of our ruling class would like you to think that the Toni stops on the Acela corridor and boardrooms of Palo Alto are the only acceptable cultures, (aside from some exotica kept for their amusement). The US is , and has been from the beginning a collection of wildly diferent societies. 

It's why E Pluribus Unum is a thing. 

Having wildly different points of view that agree on the basic tenets of society (and don't mess with each other) is a good thing and can keep us on our toes. Yielding to demands that we give up these myriad quirks for the sake of unity will result in something much less interesting free and robust that America. 

So as long as we are assimilating people with regard to language and civics, we're fine. The problem is that we aren't. The concerns about wage competition are legitimate, but they are occasionally overblown and separate from the concerns about demography. 

I note that the people I've known from Eastern Europe, Haiti, Latin America, and even Afganistan tend to be way more "red pilled", entrepenurial, civic minded and concerned about freedom of speech ect. than most of the college or immediately post-college age native born types.

Unless, perhaps, I'm an evolutionary biologist, I'd rather have a recently immigrated member of the Falun Gong working for me than Triggly Puff.

So what inspired this rant? 

Well, the UK. recently passed legislation allowing the population of Hong Kong to immigrate there en mass. I think we missed out.

5.4 million highly educated people who have seen the horrors of the social credit system up close, who have been waving American flags for a year and are highly motivated to protect free speech and hate communism would have been a fine addition to our polity. I suspect the Dems are breathing a sigh of relief that this did not happen. 

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1 I agree with all the points and would add that the Ruling Establishment's willful blindness to illegal immigration and the open abuse of legal immigration is what has led to the situation.

And there is nothing more infuriating to a legal immigrant to the US who did everything by the book and laws, waited for their turn, and paid all the costs and fees, to see illegal immigrants be allowed to jump the queue and get favors for doing so!

Posted by: cxt217 at Sun Jan 24 13:02:17 2021 (4i7w0)

2 Everyone's favorite partitions of the country always lump Ohio in with the blue empire. (Culturally not even close, not even in places like Cleveland.) Hope we end up on the right side of the split - I'd hate to have to move again.

Posted by: madrocketsci at Tue Jan 26 06:09:59 2021 (hRoyQ)

3 Then again, from all the "not us!" protests from most of the coasts, *no one* wants to be part of the blue empire. A few insane cities. They're pretty much an alien occupation of America.

Posted by: madrocketsci at Tue Jan 26 06:11:51 2021 (hRoyQ)

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