January 21, 2019

More on "Ultima Thule"

Well, the high-rez images are starting to come in. It looks like it's pretty much what we'd expect a typical proto-comet to be, aside from the contact binary aspect (though as Wikipedia notes  67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, the Shirtstorm comet, is one as well).

The fact that they are able to get pictures like this from a probe the size of a grand piano over a light day away is absolutely incredible. In spite of all the idiocy happening down here we can take pride in this amazing accomplishment of science and engineering and rejoice that its celebration is untainted by any of our contemporary stupidities, giving us all hope that... 

"You do know the next video on the page is Richard C. Hoagland 
explaining that this is an abandoned alien spaceship right?"

Well, crap.

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