January 15, 2017

Will THIS Be It?

Banality lies below the fold. As partial compensation, here is a catgirl in dire need of a tailor...or a smaller jacket. 

Art by NekoArashi
Yesterday was really the first day I did not feel dreadfully weak since my fever broke last Sunday. The flu this year did not mess around.Also, kidney stones and flu are kind of like Brussels sprouts and natto. They just make each other worse. Fortunately the snow prevented me from missing but one class of school (the van broke down and is still in the shop). I drug myself to work save for one day.

In other news.

According to both my advisor and the Dean of Advising, I graduate in May. 


Let us Review:

A Times I've had to drop out due to unavoidable work conflicts: 7)
B Times I've had to drop out to take care of sick relatives: 3)
C Times I've had to drop out due to my own illness or injury: 2)
D Times I've had to drop out due to military obligations: 2)
E Times I've been moved into a new catalog costing me credits: 3)
F Times this (E) cost me more than 36 credits: 1)
G Times I've had to change majors due in part to F: 1)
H: (Times I just gave up and blew off a semester because of A-G:1)

So caution is warranted, but I'm so close that I'm fairly confident.

There is some doubt about wether I'll be permitted to walk before August, but I'm not concerned about that. In August I retire. Then, having graduated from college, I can decide what I want to do when I grow up.

Which I should get around to at some point.

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1 Glad you're feeling better. Some things just should never be put together and you stumbled on one combination I certainly hadn't thought of
Best wishes that this time you'll be successful in finally finishing!
*back to lurking*

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Sun Jan 15 22:05:57 2017 (5YSpE)

2 Praying for you.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Mon Jan 16 23:00:19 2017 (S0Svy)

3 I'm late to this party (again), but good luck with your studies--hopefully there'll be no more roadblocks to getting your diploma.  Good luck with that whole "growing up" business, too.  I still haven't got the hang of it; I've got nephews and nieces who are less than half my age and are way more mature than I am.

Posted by: Peter the Not-so-Great at Thu Jan 19 20:26:22 2017 (jS1F0)

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