August 11, 2012

Why Norfolk?

  Word is that Mitt Romney is going to announce his veep pic in my home digs of Norfolk VA. This seems odd...

Of course, being politics, the rest of the post is below the fold...

Picture, unusually, is slightly related...

I'm sorry, what is the Virginia connection here?
 Well, we'll know for sure in 7 and a half hours but Drudge and others are saying Ryan is the pic. If so, this is awesome, though not without its problems.Paul  Ryan is a pragmatic and apparently principled legislator who understands and is attempting to come to grips with our fiscal crisis. This despite reality's unpalatability to much of the electorate. On the down side, they'd loose an important voice of fiscal sanity in the House and Ryan has little executive experience, and none at a very high level.

The question is, why announce this in Norfolk?
My theories:

            A: Ryan is a red herring and they are really going with Bob McDonnel, which, for reasons I've laid out before, I think would be a disaster, electorally.

However, Ryan fever seems to be gripping everyone as I type this.

    This leads to Theory B:

       The locale may be Norfolk because Virginia is an exceedingly important state with the northern third of it and nearly half its population already completely owned by Obama.

       You see, in the northern part of the state, Obama has it locked up. He is immensely popular there as his programs have flooded the area with GS 12s and up (GS12 tops out in the Northern Virginia at 97,333 after the special "living in Northern Virginia Bonus" above GS12 it's six digits all the way) All the taxes in the country are going into those counties, which are now the richest in the yeah...northern Virginia is going to Obama hands down. So to win this state, and it is a crucial one electorally Romney has to win the rest of the state by a very wide margin.

I'm going with "B" .

This is essentially the campaign kickoff and Virginia is going to be the key battleground of this election and it is going to be a hard and uphill fight.

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