January 04, 2022

What's Happening?

Well, The Taliban is ordering all shop owners to behead all of their mannequins. What? As practice?

The President has finally decided to go after them thar Robber Barons we do hear tell about....well some of the Robber Barons...well...he's taking on 'BIG MEAT'. (Buy and freeze your steaks now kids....there are bugs and tofu in our future)

The Arlington Education Association, the local teachers union, which, shockingly, represents teachers, but not just any teachers, teachers that teach kids how to read and write. This latter, somewhat redundant point, becomes relevant only because this organization that represents teachers, sent out this letter to parents...one of whom was the kind of saucy bitch who had actually taken a grammar class at some point...

...presumably a grammar class taught by different teachers. 

This a few days old but I'd held out some hope that it was a misunderstanding. NYC is assigning COVID treatments based on race. (The problem with holding out hope is that it is more likely to get blown out of your hand.)

Yesterday, Virginia was hit by a blizzard...or as Pete and Wonderduck might describe it, " a Monday". This deposit of 1-300cm of powdery ice 1h would not merit any comment but for the thousands of people who have been trapped in their cars in subfreezing temperatures for 24 hours or more. Most probably aren't dressed for the weather as it was warm shirt-sleeve weather for the last few days, right up until the storm hit. 

Typhoon Rai, which clobbered the Phillippines last week, is now thought to have left over half a million homeless.

Art by Bee Sang

Guess what? Our old friend Coronachan, the gift that keeps on giving, has gifted us some more. A NEW variant has been found in Camaroon. Cue panic. 

I'm thinking that most of us feel the same way about the year of the Tiger that Mayoi Hitsugi does...

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1 "But a growing body of research proves [the new variant] is also much less likely to trigger severe disease."
Ahhh.  So, expect to hear ever-more-strident shrieks about case numbers, while presumably steadily-dropping death rates get swept under the rug.

Posted by: Rick C at Tue Jan 4 12:56:58 2022 (Z0GF0)

2 Rick C wins! 
You win the award for being FIRST to post truth in the comments section! Collect your ban at the door, where you will be graciously relieved of you bank account and PayPal privileges, BUT THAT"S NOT ALL! You now have a lifetime membership with the No Fly List, you get more bans from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter! And you get to BE ON TV! CNN will come to your house and broadcast it's location to the world. Prepare your body for groupies son! Not only that, our dedicated phone tree and E-mail staff have just contacted your employer and obtained for you a PERMANENT VACATION! 
Congratulations Rick C! And thank you for playing!

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Tue Jan 4 15:42:00 2022 (5iiQK)

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