June 02, 2020

What Else is Happening in the World?

Certain developments that we're all following closely but are sick of hearing about have been getting the vast majority of coverage. Wonder what is getting missed?

Here are a few things. 

The U.S. has agreed to sell Taiwan  some Mark 48 torpedoes. Advanced heavyweight torpedoes are the purview of only a few nations and most countries that make them have declined to sell them to Taiwan in recent years for fear of annoying Coronastan. The deal has actually been in the works since 2016, but has been delayed four years. However, for some reason, the U.S. seems to no longer be concerned about the feelings of the Middle Kingdom anymore. 

High in the Himalayas, the situation between India and China continues to deteriorate

In west central Africa, measels and Winnie the Flu are being joined by....Ebola

See!? I'm still relevant!

Anthropomorphizing diseases is open to criticism of course, but honestly, when geologists are anthropomorphizing volcanoes I don'wanna hear it. 

In Mexico, 10 policemen on assignment to escort some potential investors in a small town vanished after completing their assignment along with numerous civilians. 

Activision's CEO has revealed himself to be afflicted by multiple personality disorder

After looking at designs from the U.S. and around the world, The U.S. Navy has finally picked a wining frigate design and paid Italian company Fincanteri for the rights to build these new frigates here...wait..this is good news. Is that allowed?

In the South Atlantic, a large magnetic anomaly (basically a gap in the earth's magnetic field) is growing and moving. Now it's been doing this for decades so this would not be news normally, except that the approved experts are saying "At present, there's nothing to be alarmed about. "...so given experts track record this year, obviously something is terribly wrong and will become apparent in about 90 days so we should all madly buy toilet paper for some reason. 

Or not. 

Stay safe everybody. 

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1 Reads USNI article, thinking "Hmmm, the intended equipment fit means the ship has to be at least 6,000 tons displacement."

Checks Wikipedia, discovers baseline FREMM design is at least 6,000 tons displacement.  Yup.

At least now US frigates will have two screws.  They will also be the size of destroyers in many other navies, but that is a classic trend among foreign navies, so that is not exceptional.

Posted by: cxt217 at Tue Jun 2 20:15:22 2020 (4i7w0)

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