February 05, 2021



It's all ok.

They're not afraid anymore!

It's all Oh Kaaay

There's no reason to hide anymore.

They can come right out in the open and say it.

It wasn't a conspiracy THEORY.

Saying something as spicy as this, even yesterday would get you banned from social media and perhaps loose your job or even your bank account. 

Now the conspiracy theory is a virtue signal. 

Why in God's name would Time publish this?

I can think of four reasons.

1: TIME is a principled publication seeking unfettered truth and published this bombshell out of a sense of civic responsibility. 

2: The editors at TIME have lost the plot and decided that the Q-Anon idiots should not be allowed to have all the fun. 

3: They are gloating and rubbing our faces in our helplessness to further demoralize us.

4: They aim to incite people on the right to act out of desperation and despair, as the degenerate fuckwits did at the Capitol last month, because they need a better Horst Wessel moment.

That last is kind of outre' but one wonders, given the tensions in the country, and the assumption that the editorial staff at TIME are not blithering idiots, if that isn't at least possible in current year. 

The message of the Time story, is as follows.

The Left control's the horizontal.

They control the vertical. 

There is no escape.

Not by boat.

Not by plane nor foot or even rocket.


Please dissuade me of my crazy rantings and troublesome conclusions in the comments. 

In case of the article getting memory holed, as often happens, it will be copied and pasted below the fold. 

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1 Heck, Chris Hayes on January 12 began pulling the curtain away when he tweeted about the "43,000 votes" that "materialized in the right place."  Scott Adams was one of the those people who noted it at the time.

Posted by: cxt217 at Fri Feb 5 19:47:03 2021 (4i7w0)

2 Remember, these are people who believe that the NRA and the 'gun manufacturing lobby' create all of the desire for second amendment rights. 

Theory domestic says that these people are top down cultists, and think neutralizing leadership prevents bottom up organization from being able to respond. 

They think that they hold an unassailable fortress, and that the peasants would not dare rebel.

Theory foreign says "read some Chinese webnovels.  One of the personality types that sought power after Mao was Jinping's flavor of sadist.  This type very much cannot enjoy victory before they have rubbed it in the face of the loser.  If we really are temporarily living in a satrapy, expect to have your face rubbed in it some more."

It is incorrect to conclude that nothing can be done.

It is incorrect to conclude that they can only get a bloody flag to wave if they provoke actual right wingers.

The level of premeditation and covert action that now seems apparent suggests that the FBI could have killed some guy, put his corpse with the bomb, and blown it up on Christmas. 

They have no clue what they are doing. If my conspiracy theory suspicions are correct, they are in fact certain to screw things up.

Giving them time to alienate people with these bizarre acts of insanity makes it more likely that regime opponents can win the civil war with a coalition that can bring a measure of lasting peace.  Or even a peaceful transition out of the regime, because these actions seem to convey a lack of confidence. 

The thing you can do is be a little bit more cautious about accepting official information, especially that which comes with suspicious timing. 

It's naive to accept at face value the assertions Nancy Pelosi issues wrt to an event whose details clearly make the case that she could have let people into the building to turn Trump's protest to her own ends. She has been moving to capitalize on it in the exact way she would if she had been involved with malice.  This theory might be false if she does not purge the house during and after the impeachment.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Fri Feb 5 22:02:55 2021 (6y7dz)

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