March 02, 2017


They're rebooting...Duck Tales? This is an odd choice in art styles, but it looks surprisingly...well I do not immediately despise this development. have a niece and a nephew so this is a perfectly justified divergence from whatever our actual format is.

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1 Looks rather like the art style used in "Samuri Jack", though somewhat modernised...

Posted by: TJ at Fri Mar 3 11:54:41 2017 (A4T95)

2 And of course, the cast would not be complete without adding a girl, who is going to be hyper smart and good at everything I'm sure.

I wouldn't say Samurai Jack, but I am flashing on a style you might have seen in the '50's or '60's. Don't have a name for it really, but it seems familiar.

Posted by: Mauser at Fri Mar 3 21:36:01 2017 (5Ktpu)

3 The original one had a girl (Gabbigale? I think?) but she was not so "spunky" (read: annoying) as this one promises to be.

I dunno. From some angles the art style looks more harking back to the old comic books, from others it looks definitely Looney Tunes.

The biggest thing, though....I know Alan Young has gone on to his reward but I cannot get used to the new voice they have given to Scrooge.

Posted by: fillyjonk at Fri Mar 3 21:40:48 2017 (8Ov9m)

4 Oh, you're right, I had mostly forgotten her. She was more of a child then - annoying little sister, babytalker, source of trouble. I still stand by my prediction she's going to be the "Smart one."

Oh, and stylistically, I'm reminded of some of the Ludvig von Drake shorts.

Posted by: Mauser at Sat Mar 4 17:33:22 2017 (5Ktpu)

5 Okay, I take back that last on re-watching.

(STILL waiting for the boxed DVDs of Aladdin., They did the rest of the Disney Afternoon series....)

Posted by: Mauser at Sat Mar 4 17:35:48 2017 (5Ktpu)

6 Webbigail.  Used to engage a female audience for a show strongly geared for a male audience.  Also a way to open up the stories a bit more, as Scrooge and the nephews were fairly one-dimensional, from what I remember.

I grew bored with Duck Tales quickly, and never cared for Rescue Rangers, but really enjoyed TaleSpin.

Posted by: Ben at Sat Mar 4 20:30:20 2017 (S4UJw)

7 Darkwing Duck. That was the one I enjoyed. Though I fear a reboot would find some way of spoiling it. (TaleSpin was good, too)

Posted by: fillyjonk at Sun Mar 5 08:58:03 2017 (8Ov9m)

8 Gargoyles was also from around that time frame. Lots of Star Trek TNG cast did voice work in that one.

Posted by: Will at Sun Mar 5 20:56:14 2017 (dw88k)

9 Duck Tales eventually became Darkwing Duck, which was, frankly the best superhero show on TV for some years. I agree with Fillyjonk thjat DWD was the better show, but Duck Tales was well done in it's own right. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sun Mar 5 21:15:55 2017 (KicmI)

10 Gargoyles was a bit later I think. It was surprisingly good as well. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sun Mar 5 21:20:17 2017 (KicmI)

11 Pretty much everything Tad Stones touched was gold. (Darkwing Duck had a few in-jokes for the fan mailing list too.)

Posted by: Mauser at Mon Mar 6 23:53:12 2017 (5Ktpu)

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