August 28, 2013

Varioius Links

I'm not going to work today because of my sprained ankle.
I REALLY should have adjusted the alarm clock to take that into account.
Now that I'm up here are various links I found interesting.

First up, Moe Lane has some important safety thoughts involving this video.

A bunch of GreenPeace hoodlums demolished an agricultural field test (paddy test?) of "Golden Rice..which is rice with squash genes added to make it a good source of Beta carotene. Some children WILL go blind who otherwise would not have. More here and there's more on the rice in question here.

The main difference between these jackasses and the Y.E.C.s is that the idget Ken Ham doesn't have any actual blood on his hands.

Cdr Salamander
has thoughts on this terrible mess in Syria.

R.S. McCain has a teal deer on extremist with a warning to conservatives about certain specific wackjobs who oppose Obama simply because he's in charge.

The Rupee just collapsed.

China has refused an offer to negotiate over the Senkakus.

The pool of radioactive water below Fukushima has sprung a leak.

Baldilocks has a very thoughtful & heartfelt piece on the problems facing the black community and why her nephews seem to have overcome them.

Yes Hiss was a traitor.

Another reason we really don't need an Air Force.

Subselinean water?

Is it...bad...that when I read this I thought to myself "Ears and Tails"?

Steven is complying with Internet Rule 5. (NSFW)

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1 Joe McCarthy might have been a nasty paranoid fear-monger, but he was also - at least partly - right.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wed Aug 28 04:58:10 2013 (PiXy!)

2 Meh, McCarthy was less right than lucky.  Say what you will about Nixon, but the man did his homework.  McCarthy never did, he just blindly splashed around on his way to an alcohol-soaked early grave.  He had nothing to do with the Hiss matter - that was the House committee, not the Senat - rather, he went around accusing random shadowed corners of the State Department of harboring secreted Marxists.  He might as well have stomped about Washington with a commie-detecting dowsing rod - yeah, he would have found a few spies, if only by sheer coincidence.

Posted by: Mitch H. at Wed Aug 28 10:37:06 2013 (jwKxK)

3   McCarthy, we now know, was alarmingly right, to the point of almost 100%.  His finger pointing was so accurate that I wonder if someone leaked information from the Venona project in frustration over the whole "They can't know that we know that they know that we know that they know!" mindset that gave the Soviets the bomb....

Posted by: Robert Mitchell Jr. at Wed Aug 28 15:23:28 2013 (Omb+U)

4 I find that leaving my alarm clock set at the normal time on days when I don't work is helpful, because otherwise it tends to mess with my circadian rhythms.  It keeps me from sleeping an extra 3 hours, then being up late that night and tired the next day.

Posted by: RickC at Thu Aug 29 19:09:09 2013 (swpgw)

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