March 12, 2008

Two Different Perspectives

Admiral Fallon has resigned.

Fallon was the head of CENTCOM and by all accounts a decent, upstanding, and competent guy.

 Fallon is very widely respected by just about everybody. The idea that Fallon has left, either because he was forced out or had a serious disagreement is being taken by some as a signal of eminent war with Iran.

The generally reasonable Galhran sums up that view here.

....I really am stunned, I have never really believed the US was going to strike Iran until today.

And indeed, this does not make sense from a civilian political mindset which is what Gahlran's perspective is. I did not find the hyperbole of the Esquire piece particularly helpful especially since it seems to have been rewritten with extra added drama since the resignation.

CDR Salamander has a rather different take on this here. He makes some very good points that have escaped some other people.

  I'm a junior enlisted reservist in a different service. So take my stock disclaimer to heart  This is so far beyond my paygrade it boggles the mind.

 Still...I tend to agree with the Commander on this. The Esquire article was stupid hyperbolic divisive and damaging. I also think there are other things going on. I don't think this is the Rubicon, but pieces like it may lead our enemies to believe that is the case.

How well that works out depends on how our side plays it.


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1 I only reached the 3rd paragraph in the Galhran's article when his bullshit took better of me. If he calls slithering on our belly in front of UN for 14 months while begging for permission "unilaterial" (not to mention all the building of the coalition), then "multilaterial" is nothing but rolling over and just taking it from Iran and Saudis. As for Rice, her performance was shameful and unacceptable recently. I remember times when I thought she'd make a decent president, now I'm collecting a dossier of her missteps such as preventing Israel from destroying the Syrian nuke plant (which they have finally done without her permission on September 6). If Fallon was in bed with that kind of thinking, it may be the best for him to leave despite his competencies. Unfortunately, the root article is poor filth and is likely as not full of lies.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Wed Mar 12 20:38:01 2008 (qNSKg)

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