July 11, 2012

Those OTHER Shows

As I've mentioned previously, Bodacious Space Pirates was, for me, the runaway hit of the spring season.

Three other shows had piqued my interest, two of which I've finished.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san was mentioned here before. For most of its run this Magical Girlfiend/ Lovecraft comedy was worth at least a couple of laughs an episode, though only to  a very narrow segment of humanity that has read Lovecraft, still watches anime and who are sufficiently un-sociaized to get gags like this...

Despite its scattershot nature, the show built on each silly development and was fairly consistent with its admittedly stupid internal logic. I must admit though, that it did grate at times.

Towards the end there was considerable buildup to a story that was going to be set in the Dreamlands. This looked looked to be quite promising. Unfortunately, the last few episodes seem to have been replaced with a stock harem comedy ending  that came out of nowhere, derailed the plot and was sappy, cliched, boring and pointless.  I'm not sure what was going on there. The ending really feels like it belongs to some other show. 
Aside from the unfunny ending, I found it to be enjoyable fluff, but this show is definitely an acquired taste...


The original Queens Blade series, was refreshingly devoid of any pretensions of respectability. Set in a fantasy kingdom where the empress is chosen not by heredity but by the perfectly reasonable method of a gladiatorial catfight tournament, it did not take itself at all seriously, tempering its over the top cheesecake with a couple of interesting side characters. It was not a good show by any means but I watched it at a friends house a year or so ago and it was something of a guilty pleasure.

This seasons installment, Queens Blade Rebellion combines vulgarity, pretentiousness, a nonsensical plot, lots of lolis, faux futanari follies,  several unlikeable characters and a side order of sadism to produce one of the most execrable shows I have ever had the poor judgement to sit through. This is just dreadful. I cannot do justice in mere words to how wretched this show is and I refuse to go back and wade through that cesspit to grab frames to put behind a NSFW tag, so you'll have to take my word for it. It stinks on ice.


Mysterious Girlfriend X is interesting but I've only seen 3 eps so far. I hope to catch up over the next week. If I'd watched this instead of that Queens Blade abomination I'd be current with the show and likely be a much happier person.

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1 I really enjoyed Mysterious Girlfriend X, as you can guess by the excessively long, spoiler-filled reviews I posted on my blog.

I ended up watching both the HorribleSubs and SubDesu translations, because each one picked up different subtleties in the script.

Posted by: Mauser at Thu Jul 12 03:35:11 2012 (cZPoz)

2 Yeah, Nyaruko started off strong and goofy, but I was already losing interest when the loli showed up, and only finished it because of my lingering affection for Kuuko.


Posted by: J Greely at Thu Jul 12 14:47:23 2012 (fpXGN)

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