November 11, 2018

This Seems Consequential

There are reports that elements of the German Special Forces have been charged with plotting to kill a bunch of politicians, and take over the country. This would seem to be a very big and troubling deal.

From the Daily Mail:
Two-hundred elite soldiers who formed a covert neo-Nazi faction within Germany's equivalent of the SAS planned to butcher immigrants to the country.

They conspired to unleash chaos on what they code-named Day X when they planned to kill Green Party leader Claudia Roth, foreign minister Heiko Mass and ex-president Joachim Gauck.

English language sources are all U.K. tabloids at the moment and they seem to all be referencing this German Language article

Stay tuned.

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Wait, what?  200 members of the KSK would equal to almost 20% of its' establishment.

Something does not mesh here...But we are talking about the military where one of its' officers falsely claimed to be a Syrian refugee...

Posted by: cxt217 at Sun Nov 11 23:28:24 2018 (LMsTt)

2 Ok some definite oddities on this one:
-No mention of Merkel in the list they would go after? Going after the head of the country would seem to be a prerequisite of a coup. With her pro-immigrant sympathies, she would be a major impediment to the success of this operation, but they apparently didn't have plans for her but did for a foreign minister and a former President?
-"The warriors had planned Day X for when law and order collapsed - which they believed was "imminent”." - Yet nothing about what would cause the collapse of law and order.
-The timing of shutting this down just after the Kristallnacht remembrance, when everybody would naturally have the worst possible interpretation of this, is an... interesting coincidence.

Without the neo-nazi references, I might be tempted to wonder if this wasn't a military unit that had lost faith in it's government to respond to a crisis and making their own, unauthorized, contingency plans. Given that I've held the belief for quite a while that several EU countries (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, etc.) would be hit by a mass revolt out of the Banileus that they no longer had the capability to suppress, some contingency plans wouldn't, necessarily, be a bad thing.

I'm definitely going to wait to hear more before I pass judgement on this one.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Mon Nov 12 11:50:09 2018 (Q7Wqc)

3 When I saw headlines about the elite Nazis plotting to kill the leadership, I thought people were celebrating the 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler. True story.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Mon Nov 12 13:18:40 2018 (LZ7Bg)

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