March 30, 2013

They Brought Over Tobikage!

Tobikage was a show from the mid-80s that was sort of a hybrid of the super-robot and 'Mech' genres. It ran 43 episodes and was considered sort of odd as it didn't quite adhere to the tropes of either genre. It's perhaps best known for it's theme song, Love Survivor,  which was fairly catchy.

I saw a few episodes some years ago and the only thing I remember is that despite being a low budget filler show, it looked fairly interesting, had a different feel than a lot of mech shows and one of the villains was named Dog Tack.

Tobikage was VERY 80s in its aesthetic but it was quite unusual in one respect. A large number of it's production staff including the Director (Masami Anno who also did the storyboard)  were women*.

This was, you see, a Studio Pierrot MECH show.

 I found this out only recently and the prospect of an 80's Josei giant robot show...well that's just different. This at least has the potential to be interesting. Of course the chances of blundering into the show now are slim.

So Imagine my surprise when I discovered recently that the whole series had been licensed for US release...and in fact had aired on Cartoon Network.

A quick search turned up...
......OH DEAR GOD.

You BASTARD! You linked to that on purpose!

I DON'T think I'll be sitting through that.
There is no sub.
I occasionally forget how bad dubs used to be.

*The only other Mech (actually a super robot) show that that was true for prior to recent years, was Acrobunch...which was about a family of adventuring archaeologists ..and their giant robot.

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1 I... that... um...

That's unfortunate.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sat Mar 30 23:30:45 2013 (prhS5)

2 I only made it 30 seconds....

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Mar 31 18:48:30 2013 (cZPoz)

3 When I first encountered it I dropped the mouse so I was subjected to the lyrics around 1:08...which really lowers this to a whole new level.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sun Mar 31 19:21:05 2013 (F7DdT)

4 I think there's a whole bunch of bad dubs and editing out there that I hope has been dumped in the memory hole, permanently.  There are a couple shows that come to mind, that used to run on very early morning TV back in the day.

Posted by: Jcarlton at Mon Apr 1 14:10:04 2013 (i0RQw)

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