July 04, 2018

The Reason For The Season

With the current civic climate in the U.S. it is easy to become cynical and forget that there are a couple of notions that our country enshrines which are worth celebrating and frankly worth fighting for.

Freedom of speech allows us to learn, exchange ideas understand each other and effect change without violence. When we added the first set of amendments to the Constitution it was quickly decided that the first 10 would be an affirmation of rights and 2 procedural amendments were put to the side to make freedom of speech and worship the very first on the list. 

So here is Free Speech Tan drawn by some fellow named ATOMIx.

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Now you may ask; "Why, during this celebration of Americana, are we posting some anime chick with Kanji Moon Runes on her shield?"    

Well, in addition to being a feature in one of our oldest banners, this was once the 'mascot' of a free speech organization called Yes to Freedom. You see, Free Speech is not popular nowadays, and if one advocates for free speech across the board one inevitably defends the expression of opinions that may offend...and that defense can get one shut down  and have ones website hijacked to sell male enhancement products and make my malware alert go off. So while we won't link to them, we'll mourn them and accept their 2-D refugee  as our own. (Because that's what America does...'cause we're awesome)

In America, we still have this right. And that's damned well worth celebrating.

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