December 10, 2020

The Ramifications of a Faux-Pas in Current Year

Monday morning, I was at work, and had been at work about 45 minutes, 2 of my kidney stones are about to leave and go explore the world, and they were particularly impatient that day. Well, 45 minutes into the shift I comitted a terrible Faux-Pas. I left my position and went to the bathroom, where I rather loudly vomited. 

 In the current environment, this is a dreadful faux-pas. 

So I got sent home and naturally could not come back until I got a certification of cleanliness from a state approved source. 

The last time this happened I was out for nearly two weeks, because the test took 4 days to schedule and 6 days to get results from. The current estimate is longer, however, there are a limited number of 15 minute test facilities in Virginia, and I was able to secure an appointment with one of them for Thursday. The assumption being that the aggregate time lost would be less. 

There was a little trepidation on my part since I have been under the weather this week since Monday, and my symptoms have included a splitting headache (but no fever to speak of).

Thursday I got up and drove across bridges, through tunnels and far away to make my appointment which was 40 minutes late because they are swamped.  I got my most unpleasant test and waited for my 15 minute results which were ready in an hour. 

The phone call said I was free of any association with that Chi-Com harridan Coronachan. 

"My bat soup brings all the boys to the yard."


I noted on my phone the email that had the printed version of my cleanliness certification, and went home, did some laundry, slept, watched some Twitcheranians play Cyberpunk 2077 and called work to get the email I needed to mail the results to. 

When I opened the email, I got this:

And I was all like:

And no I couldn't go to work, which was particularly annoying since every day I miss this time of year is a ridiculous amount of money lost. 

Today, I spent almost two hours on the phone trying to resolve this matter and dealing with the downside of patient privacy laws....but I finally got a certification of cleanliness and can start working again tomorrow. 

I suspect my illness was a reaction to the pain and having just gotten a flu shot since I don't want to be tag-teamed by CoronaChan and Influ-Enza. 

I've had three days off now, which I've mostly spent in bed and doing some house cleaning, and making notes and outlines for posts that get overtaken by events. 

So how are ya'll? 

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1 Eh, good and bad.  On the plus side I'm about to get a fair amount of time off after spending the last year getting (simultaneously) two major ($M) transformational tech projects off the ground and just started in implementation.  On the minus the timing wasn't exactly my choice and I'll be spending a chunk of it looking for new employment as my position was moved to another state without me.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Thu Dec 10 15:32:03 2020 (j9NNa)

2 I'm retiring at the end of the month.  Being driven around the bend trying to finish up projects before leaving ("Why don't we add three more project goals and try to finish even earlier?"), and training other people in the software that I use. Getting no help from our IT:

Me: "hey IT, I need to get the software updated on our Training PC's." 


"Hey guys, seriously, I need the software updated."

Second hand to one of the prospective students: "you just need it on your own system and can follow along via Teams." 

Me: "Guys, this is in-person instruction in the classroom. It's hands-on stuff, and it needs to be in a controlled classroom environment."


Second hand again: "We'll push the update the morning of the class." 

Me: "guys, didn't you just spend two hours yesterday trying to get it running bug-free on one student's computer, despite it being installed three weeks ago?  Didn't it take a week to get it done last time, WITH vendor support?" 


Posted by: Ubu at Fri Dec 11 06:13:55 2020 (UlsdO)

3 I am actually one of those people who have been doing pretty well despite the Wuhan flu.  Work has been been handing out overtime and I have been hauling more pay home this year than ever.  If anything, the lockdowns that will come if the likely scenario of ol' Joe taking office happens will just keep me busy at work.

But we live in 2020, when anything can and will happen.

Posted by: cxt217 at Fri Dec 11 23:26:50 2020 (4i7w0)

4 The first time I got kidney stones, my reaction after a bathroom break was basically Welp, I'm dying.

The second time I got kidney stones I instituted a police of always having a bottle of diet soda on my desk, which I'm lucky enough to be able to do working from home.  Haven't had them bad since then.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sat Dec 12 22:03:02 2020 (PiXy!)

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