October 29, 2020

The Plot Thickens...Thins, and Thickens Again.

When TuCa revealed last night that a shipment of documents containing damaging information to Biden had gone missing in transit, he went through the procedures that the company took. Having been a clerk in the shipping industry  some years ago, I was pretty sure what company it was from the procedures described. Sure enough, it was, in fact U.P.S. and they announced today that they had found the documents

I suspect, (with no evidence whatsoever) that they did what we did when someone informed us that they had lost something that looked very much like trash, they locked out the trash compactor and had their facility's equivalent of the Brickmuppet sift through it piece by piece. 

Years ago some smooth-brain decided that he could ship a panel of reinforced impact resistant glass with no other packing material than an address label taped to the bare glass. The problem was, that those windows were laminated glass and even the slightest "thwack" on the SIDE would cause it to delaminate and shatter. 

Eventually the window made it all the way from Utah to Virginia without incident until someone dinged it on the edge while putting it on the shelf of the truck for delivery. 

When it delaminated (quite spectacularly IIRC) it destroyed the label. I wrote it up as a panel of bullet-proof glass with the label destroyed and discarded it. 

The next day I was called from unloading trucks back to the clerk station which was covered in account executives and engineers. Turns out, it was one of the space shuttle windows for the cargo bay and NASA was furious that we had somehow lost their indestructible window. I explained that yes, I had processed a damage that fit that description, and it had had no packing whatsoever and had struck on its edge when being loaded on the truck and...I'd put it in the dumpster as of no salvageable value. 

I then got a stern talking down to by some civil servant explaining that the window was supposed to be indestructible and that astronauts lives were at risk and this was beyond my pay grade, so I went out to the trash compactor, had the plant engineer lock it out and recovered the very heavy slabs of broken glass and as much of the plastic and dust as I could recover. During this time the government employee expressed his absolute astonishment that an uncredentialed individual such as myself (which he referred to by various non-complementary slang terms for southern white folks) was allowed to even go near something as important as this piece of kit. After recovering the space shuttle window I explained to one of the NASA employees who was not HickHater that laminated glass cannot take blows to the side and if there had been so much as a bit of cardboard along the edge, the window would have been fine, and that if a meteor entered the window from the side, it was passing through the bulkhead perpendicular to the axis of the shuttle and that there would be greater concerns than the integrity of the window. He laughed and agreed that basic packing was needed (he was an engineer, not a...whatever effete hysteric the other guy was) and they took their window crumbs and left. 

I've been in dumpsters to get academic papers, spreadsheets and all manner of things, because U.P.S. does actually give a damn. 

Well, that was a digression....

Hopefully there was no foul play with these Biden papers, and it was just something like a poorly sealed envelope.  We should find out what horrors reside within them tonight or tomorrow. 

Also: Tucker, SEND COPIES not originals. "The dog ate my homework" is never a valid excuse. 

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1 This is another example of one of the things that infuriates me. UPS, a private corporation of enormous scale, is able to track this down within hours, the documents are found and we know the name of who lost them. It won't be long before we know how they got lost. But our state and federal bureaucracies are complete black holes for any kind of accountability. Fast and Furious and Crossfire Hurricane are two obvious examples, where Congress should be able to ask for, and receive in hours or days, complete lists of who met with whom and who gave the permissions, but in fact we'll never, ever, get all that information. It's deliberately made to be impossible to track down.

Posted by: David at Thu Oct 29 20:07:02 2020 (jdGUg)

2 They did keep and send copies. Just also the original, or alleged original.
Interestingly, the Daily Mail says they found it in a dumpster... at a department store. So somebody had sticky fingers of some sort.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Fri Oct 30 09:35:08 2020 (cHUaN)

3 Tucker asserts the envelope was "securely sealed" and UPS officials repeatedly refused to answer the question of how the flash drive could've gotten out of it.

"The envelope was securely sealed. We know that. Two witnesses saw our producer seal it and UPSdoes not dispute that.

Was the package torn open accidentally by a machine? That seems unlikely. UPS says that almost never happens."


Posted by: Rick C at Fri Oct 30 13:10:40 2020 (eqaFC)

4 Of course this is the Tucker Carlson that won his court case by arguing that no one would believe the stuff he makes up.

"US District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil agreed with Fox's premise, adding that the network "persuasively argues" that "given Mr. Carlson's reputation, any reasonable viewer 'arrive with an appropriate amount of skepticism' about the statements he makes.""

Posted by: punchy at Mon Nov 2 13:46:23 2020 (3Ihg2)

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