December 18, 2011

The Last two Weeks

Well, it's been hectic. I think this young lady is prepared for and understands the season better than most.

 Art By Iga Tometoru, whose works can be purchased here.
I managed to miss over a week of work and school due to the infection I went to the hospital with on the first. (Well, that and side effects...they put me on a massive cipro regimen). Having this occur during the last two weeks of school was...awkward.

   The first day I was to go back to school, I was on my way out the door when I encountered my grandmother in an impossible position on the floor...completely unresponsive. An ambulance ride later I was at the hospital where she had regained consciousness. She was released the next day. She's better but she is anemic for some reason and has these fainting spells. She returned to the hospital the other night for what appears to have been really bad heartburn. There they took 56 units of blood...I refer you again to that word anemic... She's back now, but is completely wiped. Otherwise she's in good spirits.

My sister is supposed to be providing me a niece in the next few days. This has added to the general localized pandemonium. In addition to the usual sort of gift, I've been taking lunch at McDonalds and ordering a girls happy meal in order to aquire the cutesy child safe girl things thus provided. Of course now they've switched from Hello Kitty to Alvin and the Chipmunks...the next toy set is Barbie which would result in my death at my sisters hand so there is no point in continuing this exercise. I did note that if I asked for "no pickles" I was looked at with less suspicion when purchasing a happy meal.

Work was absolutely hellish on Monday but since then it's been disturbingly quiet. I can't talk specific numbers but while the hours are long in anticipation of the rush, the flow of boxeshas not seemed to be at all commensurate with the season. I fear this is a leading indicator for the economy as a whole.

Despite the loss of so much class time with no time to make up anything I only ended up with one incomplete and I got all my papers in. This past week was exams of course. With two weeks of school missed and UPS Christmas hours, I was gravely concerned. I got out of work late on on my second exam day and just barely made it into class before the door was locked. I've been fretting about my exams since then, but after a moment of fear when I couldn't log in I just discovered that I got a "B" average for the entire semester.

Just one more week.

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