July 13, 2013

The Japanese Discover KickStarter

I'd been wondering what the source for several oddball .gifs was. Well, thanks to Pixy I now know!

Twenty six minutes of a cute story with nigh perfect pacing and above average animation...but that's not all.

Pixy points out that it's a kickstarter project!

I'd actually like to see them do something else because that one episode was sublime, so they don't need to do any more.

On the other hand that short really WAS awesome.

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There's a site similar to KS for animation I found via ANN called Anipipo.

KS continues to amaze me with how much "hidden" money there is in the US and other industrialized economies.  With over taxation and regulation, and not knowing which crony a government will favor next, I think trillions of dollars are sitting on the sidelines.

Fred Gallagher's wildly successful KS project is just another example of this.

Posted by: Tiberius at Sat Jul 13 14:57:35 2013 (97M8h)

2 Tiberius is right on that.  There was a Robotech miniatures wargame that raised over $1M on KS and an anime-based RPG called OVA that got over $100k.

The main downside I see to this is that it will absolutely gut brick & mortar and future online sales, but with hobby shops and book stores dieing a slow death to internet sales, this may be a better alternative model.  You almost certainly wouldn't have seen the MegaTokyo and possibly the Robotech projects without it.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Sat Jul 13 16:57:21 2013 (5YSpE)

3 Hmmm, and I noticed red half-framed glasses on one of the girls...

Posted by: Mauser at Sat Jul 13 17:29:03 2013 (cZPoz)

4 I don't know that it's so bad in that respect. Especially for the minis, there are pretty significant start-up costs and then per-unit production is pretty cheap; the big hump is making the finances work so that you've paid for the molds. If you manage that trick, then making more models isn't a big deal - you can offer a pretty good deal. Of course, then "get distribution to the brick and mortar stores" is a big hump to overcome as well, but it's a lot less impossible if you've got stock to ship...

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Sat Jul 13 18:39:20 2013 (GJQTS)

5 Oh, certainly you can get them into stores, but how much of your initial sales have you pulled forward?  How much stock will the B&Ms return unsold?  I took part in the Robotech one and I have already bought all I would have from a store and more.  There would be very little additional sales you would see from me, and I suspect others who bought in will be the same.

I suspect we're seeing the birth of a new model where niche product pre-orders and initial sales are handled by the producer while B&M & internet (aka Amazon) get the ongoing.  As pre-sales and the initial rush is where a big chunk of the sales occur...

This model isn't quite there yet.  I suspect we'll eventually see KS or some similar service have 'start-up' funding similar to what they have now and then have some sort of 'extended funding' where additional 'funding' (aka sales) occur right up to launch date. 

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Sat Jul 13 20:11:33 2013 (5YSpE)

6 Thanks for posting about this.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and plopped down some cash for the KickStarter even though it had already funded.  The producers really seem shocked that it fully-funded in only six hours.  I get the impression from their first sales pitch video that they figured "Well, we'll try this KS thing, but we don't expect it to really work..."

Posted by: Siergen at Sun Jul 14 21:37:04 2013 (Ao4Kw)

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