May 18, 2007

The Importance Relationship of IQ to Wealth....

...turns out to not be as great as many people think.
I hope you've picked up on the little secret in this story: It's all about saving. The people who end up better off take their financial situations seriously and plan ahead. They think about how to manage their money effectively, and they save. How do you fare in this department? Do you have an emergency savings fund?

Hat Tip: Transterrestrial Musings

I've certainly seen this in action.
Many acquaintances in fandom over the years who lamented their financial woes wore their IQ on their sleeve and pointed to people they believed were less intelligent (and therefore deserving) as proof of the unfairness of "the system".

As for myself, regards the things to keep you poor I've certainly done all of them except divorce, which requires marriage, and dating both of which are quite high risk activities for guys financially.

As to whether I'm an object lesson in 'poor smarty pantses' is best left for others to judge.  

Though my 401 K is going marginally OK, I don't have much at all in short term savings, . (I know this latter comes as a terrible disappointment to a certain former Nigerian Finance Minister)

Much more comprehensive and down to earth discussion of this here....

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